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Birthright Armenia ~ is AVC's sister organizatiion and in-country supporting partner. NOTE: If you are of Armenian heritage (at least one grandparent must be fully Armenian) and between the ages of 20 and 32, you may be eligible to volunteer through Birthright Armenia.  Learn more by reading the requirements HERE.




RepatArmeniaThe RepatArmenia Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit institution, was established in August 2012 to take the concept of active repatriation promotion to the next level. With a full time, dedicated staff based in Yerevan and a network of supporters and representatives throughout the Armenian diaspora, our mission is to inform, initiate and actively champion the return of high-impact (professional, entrepreneurial) individuals and families to Armenia to secure the future development of the Armenian nation.

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Nouvel Hay Magazine ~ est entree officiellement sur la toile en décembre 2011 a pour principal objectif d'être au service de tous en traitant tous les sujets d'actualités sur l'Arménie et du monde. Il promeut tous les événements en s'ouvrant sur l'international, la politique, le people, l'économie, la politique, les phénomènes de société, les médias, des galeries photos, vidéos et fashion. Il possède de nombreuses ressources supplémentaires tel qu'un annuaire de liens, un dictionnaire phonétique français-arménien et un forum.


SIMA Tours ~ is an incoming and outgoing tour operator. With offices in Yerevan, Armenia and Philadelphia, USA, the agency provides full service and a flexible approach for small and large interest groups, parishes, individuals and missions. Personalized service, comfortable accommodations and logistics at attractive prices, and informed guidance are the company's forte.


 Alumni Endeavors

aid to armenia

AID to ARMENIA ~ Aid To Armenia is a organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of first aid and emergency medical services in Armenia through supplying vital equipment, supplies and providing training. With your help, ambulances in Armenia will be able to stock shelves with basic life saving supplies and village families will have first aid training and first aid kits for their homes.  On the following pages you can learn more about the positive impact that Aid To Armenia is making and how you can be a part of it.




iNexxus ~ At iNexxus we work with leading brands and businesses to provide innovative and effective strategies to maximize your desired results. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, our team implements all of its resources to ensure that our clients achieve their desired goals. iNexxus represents experience and creativity, with a strong drive for success.




VoiceboardVoiceboard is an innovative presentation application. Include a wide variety of interactive media right inside your slides without closing out of your presentation. No matter what your project is, with Voiceboard you can showcase all of your work in an interactive way. Engage your audience and have that extra spark for success.




The 100 Years 100 Facts ProjectThe purpose of this project is to educate and raise awareness about Armenian history and culture as a way to commemorate the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. This project began with the simple idea of commemorating the centennial of the Armenian Genocide in a unique and interesting way, by leveraging social media and the internet.  We wanted to produce something that honored the culture, struggles and long history of the Armenian people.



TeamableTeamable is a global, cloud-based software company that is passionate about using technology, data, and science to perfect the art of rapid, high-performance team formation.



VocevolveVocevolve strives to improve the labour mobility of skilled professionals, by providing its unique system in career development, facilitating foreign work experience, and encouraging socioeconomic development in Armenia.


Armenian Environmental Network ~ AEN was founded in 2007 as a response to the lack of environmental information available to Armenians in the Diaspora. AEN has developed its focus to serve a dual mission: • Increase information sharing and distribution among Armenians in Armenia, the Armenian Diaspora and the wider conservation community; • Facilitate partnerships through the responsible involvement of Diasporan and international resources to promote sustainable development in Armenia.


 Some of our placement partners



Armenia Tree Project



One Armenia 



TUMO Center for Creative Technologies 
aualogo2 American University of Armenia 
fpwc en  Fund for the Protection of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC)



Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF)



Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)



Macsedan School

green lane


Green Lane NGO



Idea Foundation



Armenian National Engineering Laboratories


Yerevan Zoo





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