2021 in Review: Let’s Sum up Some Numbers

Each year we ensure that our volunteers get the experience they desire. We are so confident that we can meet their demands due to our long-lasting partnership with more than 1,100 organizations in Armenia, as well as due to the unique structure of our program. As we are a week away from 2022, we would like to share some highlights of 2021 and let you dive into our volunteering opportunities through some numbers. Let’s go!

Volunteers in Armenia: 2021 Insights  

In 2021 we had 77 volunteers from 25 countries of the world (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Myanmar, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, Uruguay, U.S.). Out of them 34 were Armenians and 43 were non-Armenians. 

This year too, our participants did their volunteering or university internship, had their contribution in their field of expertise, or tried something new they were always interested in but didn’t have the opportunity to get involved in. The more experienced ones did an exchange of experience with the local specialists. Overall, this year’s volunteers were involved in 18 disciplines (community service and development, education, environment, health, arts, PR and communications, multimedia, mental health, tourism and hospitality, law and human rights, IT, agriculture, archeology, biomedical engineering, management, design, marketing, logistics). 

As we accept volunteers from 21 with no upper age limit, in 2021 the average age of volunteers was 36. The youngest volunteer was 21 and the oldest, 72. We had six senior volunteers (ages 58-72) who had a great input in their field of expertise in popular institutions, such as the AUA Acopian Center for the Environment, National Agrarian University of Armenia, and many more. 

This year the average stay of volunteers was 89 days and the average duration of their service was 54 days. By the end of the year, seven volunteers got job offers and six of them decided to stay in Armenia.

Program Initiatives Ensuring Immersive Experiences 

Along with volunteering, we offer various activities and opportunities to ensure immersive experiences for volunteers. With this in mind, in 2021 we organized 37 excursions across Armenia and four community service programs (tree planting, harvest, etc.). We also organized 167 forums and discussions on various topics (92 in Yerevan and 75 in Gyumri), from folk music to bread baking, to help volunteers get a deep dive into Armenian reality. 

Heading to 2022

As we are heading to 2022, staying true to our mission, we aim to keep promoting volunteering in Armenian. But the important thing about our program is that volunteering with us is not just an act of giving. It’s a lot more about receiving. You commit your best — your time and expertise, and we open many doors of opportunities for you career-wise and not only.

So, in 2022 it’s your turn to experience this amazing opportunity of life. Volunteer in Armenia at any time, in any field, at any point in time. Come join us if you are 21+ non-Armenian or 32+ Armenian. If you are 21-32 years of age and of Armenian descent, come join our sister organization, Birthright Armenia. We offer the same opportunities with slight differences. Armenia needs you, and you need Armenia! 

December 28, 2021