#5PercentForArtsakh: 6-Month Challenge


In these times of critical national need and security, the staff at Armenian Volunteer Corps and Birthright Armenia, together with Repat Armenia, have launched a global campaign to support our war effort in the long-term. We are committing 5% of our salaries for the next six months to either of the funds below and challenging other staff and individuals to do the same.

Are you ready to join us? Choose one of these funds to start your recurring contribution- https://www.himnadram.org or https://www.1000plus.am/hy/ for the next 6 months, starting now.

And SHARE IT on all your Social Media platforms with the hashtag #5PercentForArtsakh.

You can use this text:
“I/we have joined the #5PercentForArtsakh challenge by committing to donate 5% of my/our net salary to www.himnadram.org / www.1000plus.am. Now it’s YOUR turn. I/we challenge [5 friends or organizations] to join now. Let’s all do our part. Together we will win. Միասին հաղթելու ենք!


Here are some examples:















October 28, 2020