7 Highly Rewarding Environmental Internships in Armenia

7 Highly Rewarding Environmental Internships in Armenia

Keeping our environment clean is a vital issue even when we are in the midst of economic crises, wars, and other social issues. Our day-to-day lives and our future depend on the welfare and health of the planet. It is therefore absolutely imperative to keep our environment in good standing. One way this can be done is by volunteering your time and effort at an environmental organization.

How many Internships have you done that have the power to change the world? You can make an impact on the environment of a country by dedicating a little bit of your time and energy for the common good. According to Policy Forum Armenia, Armenia faces a lot of environmental problems “with respect to air, water, soil pollution, and threatened ecosystems that may bear significant political and economic consequences.” Here are 7 internships you can be a part of to make a HUGE difference on the planet we call home.

  1. Center for Responsible Mining

Through proper research, training, and advocacy, the Center for Responsible Mining (CRM) located at the American University of Armenia, promotes environmentally ethical practices in regards to responsible mining procedures in Armenia.

They like to engage with all key stakeholders including industry, civil society, environmental advocacy groups, financial institutions, and the public sector. If you have an interest in helping the environment through better mining practices, CRM is calling your name!

  1. Armenia Tree Project

For 25 years, Armenia Tree Project has been growing and planting beautiful trees throughout Armenia. They help with tree propagation, forestation, community planting, economic empowerment, and education/awareness. ATP considers nature and people as co-dependent entities and believes they must work together with the objective of maintaining a sustainable, healthy, and safe environment for all.

Almost 6 million trees have been planted and restored since 1994 and hundreds of jobs have been created for Armenians. With these tree-related programs, ATP has preserved Armenia’s natural resources in every corner of the country! If you’re passionate about protecting the environment, eager to lend your time and talent for progress, and want to be a part of cleaning the air and preserving nature — what are you waiting for? Be a part of ATP!

  1. ARK Ecological NGO

Located in the southeastern part of Armenia, in the city of Kapan, ARK is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development and solutions that provide social, economic and environmental benefits to the entire region.  They have confidence that responsible ecotourism can be a catalyst for a sustainable economy in rural communities while also preserving and fostering an appreciation of the natural landscape that surrounds them.

ARK is working hard to build the necessary infrastructure that will promote Kapan as a unique destination for ecotourists and volunteers alike! If you have an interest in ecotourism, then ARK is for you.

  1.  Acopian Center for the Environment

In the Acopian Center for the Environment, a research center at the American University of Armenia, volunteers promote the protection and restoration of the environment through research, education, and community outreach.

The Acopian Center concentrates on natural resource management, biodiversity, conservation, going green, increasing clean energy, and keeping the environment uncontaminated. If this sounds interesting to you, check out some of their projects here!

  1. Green Lane NGO

Green Lane’s mission is to improve the agricultural and environmental situation in Armenia by providing education, consulting, and investments. The goal of this NGO is to improve the socio-economic conditions of Armenia through sustainable agricultural practices and contributions to environmental protection.

If you have a background/interest in agricultural sustainability head over to their YouTube channel to learn more!

  1. Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife & Cultural Assets

The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife & Cultural Assets (FWPC), focuses on 4 main elements: Biodiversity conservation, environmental education, community development, and increasing public awareness. They use cutting-edge technology to look after and safeguard Armenia’s unique natural and cultural heritage. Furthermore, they run the SunChild Eco-club, which provides activities regarding environmental education for over 2000 children and youth located in remote rural communities. They also work with communities by creating extensive infrastructures and self-employment opportunities.

To reach out to the broader public, FPWC started a lot of events and campaigns focused on advocating the protection of nature for the entire community and raising environmental awareness. If you love wildlife (who doesn’t!) and preserving cultural heritage, sign up for FPWC right away.

  1. Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities    

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities, or ISSD for short, is an NGO that was created to ensure sustainable development in Armenia through innovative projects in waste management, agriculture, education, business, and female empowerment.

It was founded in 2017 and the team consists of highly skilled and passionate professionals ranging from agricultural experts, engineers, environmentalists, marketers, and IT specialists. Each and every member of the team is strongly concerned about environmental issues. The team has been partnering with organizations such as Green Armenia, Impact Hub Yerevan, ACBA Federation, UNDP GEF, AGBU, and others to install innovative projects in rural and urban areas all across Armenia. If you want an all-encompassing experience at an environmental organization, definitely volunteer here!

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By Eric Biglari

April 8, 2019