A Mechanical Engineer in Armenia | Manvel Grigoryan

What can you tell us about your project?

I am volunteering in the Armenian Start Up called ArmBionics as a mechanical Engineer. ArmBionics is making use of modern techniques such as 3D printing to be able to drastically reduce the cost of prosthetic arms. Through the use of these technologies, we can provide affordable prosthetic upper limbs to everyone that needs this technology, but cannot afford the existing products.

How do you impact on other people’s lives with your work?

Apart from the fact that the motivated and volunteering work with a motivated team is always motivating and inspiring for people from outside, our main goal is to improve the life of disabled people. We plan to not only provide affordable prosthetics, but several social services as well such as seminars and courses.

How do you feel in Armenia?

Here I see myself as a warrior who despite the sad context and daily issues Armenia faces keeps fighting. I am motivated by change and the hope of building a powerful country out of its current wounded state.

What kind of opportunities/ideas/perspectives/etc. does AVC give you?

AVC gave me the opportunity to meet ArmBionics. They don’t only find you a perfect opportunity, but they also welcome you in Armenia warmly. Once here you feel very confident, like a local. I am discovering Armenia from another point of view by going to the excursions and by all the positive exchanges with the growing number of friends and diverse network. All that is thanks to Armenian Volunteer Corps.

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March 23, 2021