The ABCs of AVC: A Poem

by Michael Collins

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone,

Bringing your best self to the fore every day?

Can you spend your time genuinely helping others, not glued to your phone?

Do you have an ambition to grow in at least one way?

Exactly how do you want to share all you know,

Finally tired of what you already know all too well?

Get to know a land and people that will restore your glow.

Happiness will overflow as you break out of your shell.

Is the rat race pushing you to seek something new?

Just allowing frustration to get the better of you,

Kicking yourself for not jumping at what would have been a great thing to do?

Let your spirit soar; don’t sit there and stew!

Maybe your current life isn’t all you thought it would be.

Now, then, would be the time to consider how you can give.

Only you, ultimately, can define and do what makes you feel glee.

Please responsibly manage your one life to live.

Questions abound, on the winding road from birth to death.

Ready to stop being vexed by them and start in a new direction?

Satisfy yourself and as many others as you can, before that last breath.

Try, for everyone’s sake, to improve your life’s complexion.

Unselfishly joining the Armenian Volunteer Corps will make you tougher.

Venture, ASAP, away from what is now little more than a bore.

When you tarry, others suffer.

X-rays and other exams are not needed to open Armenia’s door.

You should grab life by the horns, relinquishing any buffer.

Zealous you should be, then, to enlist in the Armenian Volunteer Corps!




October 7, 2022