Acrostics by Tamar Arevian

Home away from home feeling instantaneously
Artistic expression and innovation flowing boundlessly
Yerevan’s captivating cultural scene amongst the natural pink stone walls
AVC’s unforgettable excursions taken off the beaten path while connecting you with locals
Surge of dynamic, creative energy from children and adults of all ages
Delectable gastronomic feasts with never-ending celebratory “genatz“es
Amazing archeological discoveries dating back to the Paleolithic Age
Natural beauty, ancient churches, and the majestic Mt Ararat set the stage
(*Hayasdan=Armenia; genatz=toast/cheers)


Girls and boys greet everyone upon entering and before leaving a room politely
Highly motivated to learn English through songs, movement , and hands-on activities daily
Outstanding field trips to art studios, museums and theatres to foster learning and promote creativity
Group of dedicated professionals utilizing the title Ungehr beyond just for identity
Homemade lunch and scrumptious snacks made with love by the chef, UngehrGohar
Appreciative parents ever so grateful that you’ve come to volunteer from afar
New friendships formed that will be cherished always
Joy, just pure joy, to know you have made a positive change in others’ lives within days


(*ghoghanj=bell chime, ungehr=friend)
Photos by Tamar
Tamar Arevian,
Spain, 2015
November 2, 2015