Does AVC issue a certificate of completion, serve as a reference, or otherwise verify that volunteers have completed an AVC program in good standing?

Yes! AVC does issue a certificate of completion to each person who completes a term of service. Individual staff members of AVC can act as references upon request; they will, of course, be most ready, willing, and able to act as references for volunteers who go above and beyond in their efforts for Armenia and engage with them personally.

If I want to stay and work in Armenia after completing my service, will AVC help me secure employment?

Yes, we have an Alumni team that is here to support all of our alumni in seeking employment. In addition, we work closely with the RepatArmenia Foundation, whose mission is to promote repatriation and provide individual integration support. For anyone looking to move to Armenia (including those who are not ethnic Armenian), they offer one-on-one consultations, networking opportunities, and introductions to professional service providers that can help you with employment, setting up a business, or other aspects of integration. Visit for more information. 

Does AVC offer any programs for its alumni?

Yes, there is a grant-giving program called “Next Step,” and there is another program called “Pathway to Armenia” for alumni looking to live and work in Armenia longer-term. More information can be found on these programs in the dedicated “AVC Alumni” section of this website.

Can alumni participate in excursions, forums, and/or havaks?

Yes, anyone who completes service with AVC in good standing is welcome to participate in our weekly excursions, forums, and havaks. To do so, you will need to ensure our alumni team knows that you are in-country by emailing us at We will then advise of all necessary next steps so that you can begin receiving our weekly calendar of events and registering for any that ore of interest. Please be advised, though, that alumni must pay 6,000 AMD to take part in excursions and for any guests of theirs the cost will be 8,000 AMD. Forums and havaks remain free for all. 

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