Alumni Support Services

Upon successful completion of your volunteering, you’ll have a debrief with the AVC and alumni teams. The alumni team will introduce the various opportunities available to you. Hopefully, you remember what those are :)! In case you don’t, they include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Grants 
  2. Pathway to Armenia Apartment 
  3. Job Search Assistance – From helping you with resumes, preparing for interviews, or job hunting in general, our alumni team is ready to support you. We have a long list of vacancies from our partner organizations and network. And you’ll see that we email out announcements on occasion about job openings. 
  4. Recommendation Letter – Both the AVC team and alumni team can provide you with a recommendation letter, for professional or academic purposes, upon request.
  5. Network – Once you become an AVC alumnus, you join a huge network spanning much of the globe. Through the power of this network, we can connect you with people, help you share your ideas, organize events, and more!
  6. And you can continue the following support services you received as a volunteer: 
  • Armenian language classes
  • Forums, havaks, and excursions
  • Full-service office

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