Artsakh’s Song | Elise Youssoufian

By Elise Youssoufian (USA, 2019).


In the quiet, between bombs, there is a sound,
A hum,
My heart still beats.
One day, soon, I will return.
What is an hour, a night, a year,
But a heart keeping time?
One day, soon. Keep singing your song.
Come close, my twin, let me see in your eyes
The lamp lighting us onward,
The fire no one can put out.


breathe in
I must
remember We live
I must
breathe out
I must
Earth to hold Us

I must


fall through the floor giving way
into soul wounds rebleeding. Akh…

We will not all
fall like young trees cut down ‘fore
their time. keep breathing. Akh…

I must not remember.

I must not forget.
We are not the river
of kin piled high,
waters running red. We are
more than this. Akh…

I must not remember.

We must not forget.
Look up, step back, walk past river of time,
See Hye peaks cloud-dancing with cerulean sky,
Singing swallows below, warmed by sun, thrive,
Our true stories honeycomb, our bees sting the lies.

I will remember.

We will not forget.
Our hearts flooding with torrents of ancestral soul force.
We will not swim away songless. War is changing our course.
The world crumbles inside and recovers once more.
Do you hear it too? …the unstoppable unlatching of Mher’s door.


Source: The Armenian Weekly 

October 26, 2020