AVC Offers Volunteers to Use Their Professional Skills to Assist Armenia


These experienced professionals came to Armenia with a very specific purpose – to provide psychological support to those affected by the Artsakh war, including wounded soldiers and their families, those displaced from their homes, and others impacted by the war. AVC volunteers are a great example of how volunteering can change lives, including your own.


Ani Voskanyan talks about her experience in Armenia with AVC

Ani Voskanyan, from Argentina, is an International Trainer-Medical First-Aid psychologist (trained in ACES), and specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She volunteered at Muratsan Hospital Complex Clinic and provided psychological and medical assistance to the soldiers injured in the Artsakh-war and their families. Ani also taught these skills to other specialists, as she has 10 years of professional experience in psychology. “My advice is to come to Armenia because there is so much to do here. In this difficult time we can all work together and help our country to stand on its own feet.” 


Etienne Andikian working with children (Image by Uniting Bridge SNGO)




Another inspiring AVC story is with our volunteer Etienne Andikian, a trainer, animator and therapist with an art therapy practice from France. Etienne worked at the Masis Youth Center and Uniting Bridge Social Non-Governmental Organization, where he developed Animated Clown Art Therapy Workshops for the children affected by war. “I’m of Armenian origin through my father and I’m very attached to this part of my culture. I’m also very concerned with what is happening in Armenia; that’s why I came here to have a change of scenery, to meet new people, to take concrete action for something that is right and meaningful to me”. 



April 26, 2021