AVC volunteer Garo (2015, Canada) cycled to Armenia from England:

I cycled from London to Yerevan. It took approximately a month and a half. I set out on 1st August and arrived on or about the third week of September. The journey was long, more than 5219 km, but a lot of fun. I cycled through the following countries: Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and, finally, Armenia. There were some hills and mountains on my route but none that were insurmountable. I thought that the best way to end my journey was to take up work as a volunteer in Armenia. I am currently volunteering for COAF, teaching creative writing with English in a small village a few kilometers west of Yerevan. Once my work as a volunteer is complete, I hope to cycle back to London.

September 1, 2018