The Ideal Destination for Student Internships20230824145412

The Ideal Destination for Student Internships

taniaAugust 24, 20230 comments0
Are you an international student seeking a meaningful and fulfilling internship abroad? Look no further than Armenia! Nestled in the heart of the Caucasus region, Armenia offers a unique and enriching experience for students looking to complete their internship requirements. T...
7 Human Rights Internships in Armenia20230803135207

7 Human Rights Internships in Armenia

Embarking on a journey to make a meaningful impact in the world of human rights and social justice is a powerful endeavor. Luckily, Armenia offers numerous volunteer and internship opportunities for passionate individuals looking to do just that. Through the Armenian Volunteer...
Sheila’s Extended Stay as a Retired Volunteer20230731163631

Sheila’s Extended Stay as a Retired Volunteer

taniaJuly 31, 20230 comments0
In June 2022, after a long flight from California, I found myself standing at Zvartnots Airport in Yerevan, ready to embark on a one-year volunteer journey. Little did I know that this vibrant and captivating city would capture my heart so completely, leading me to make the li...