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French student does his internship abroad with AVC20220912140129

French student does his internship abroad with AVC

taniaSeptember 12, 2022
Without Armenian roots or knowledge of the language, Adrien Catry journeyed from Lille, France to volunteer with the Ar...
Exposing Adventurous Travelers to Armenia20220831081609

Exposing Adventurous Travelers to Armenia

taniaAugust 31, 2022
After volunteering as an English teacher in Yerevan, AVC alumnus Ric Gazarian (2004) strongly maintained his connection...
Days of Mourning after Surmalu Explosion20220819134408

Days of Mourning after Surmalu Explosion

taniaAugust 19, 2022
No time is convenient for tragedy to strike, But Yerevantsis got a chance to see what it looks like. Yerevan’s charac...
“I’ll be back” by Chad Bell20220812064510

“I’ll be back” by Chad Bell

taniaAugust 12, 2022
“I’ll be back.” That’s what I said as I gazed out the window towards the beautiful Armenian landscape and Mt. A...
Volunteer in your 70s… with your child20220731195829

Volunteer in your 70s… with your child

taniaJuly 31, 2022
Have you ever thought you’re too old to volunteer? What about volunteering with your child? Shahin Hartooni pondered ...
Here is my Armenian story20220731194139

Here is my Armenian story

taniaJuly 31, 2022
My Armenian story started in 2019, when, wanting to travel after long years of work in Law school, law firms, law depar...
I Thought I Was Just Passing Through…20220720115502

I Thought I Was Just Passing Through…

taniaJuly 20, 2022
I don’t know how other non-Armenian volunteers learned about AVC or how long it took them to commit to the program, b...
Yerevan Municipality20220714173021

Yerevan Municipality

wisesourceJuly 14, 2022
Official website of the Yerevan Municipality, with links to tourism, health, culture, and much more....
Repat Armenia20220714172832

Repat Armenia

wisesourceJuly 14, 2022
Repat Armenia is an NGO that informs, initiates, and actively champions the return of high-impact individuals and famil...

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