Why Armenia? Why not Armenia?20221128115515

Why Armenia? Why not Armenia?

November 28, 2022
“To serve Armenia is to serve civilization” -William Gladstone, Former UK Prime Minister “Why Armenia?̶...
AVC with a Disability: How I Did It20221117072329

AVC with a Disability: How I Did It

November 17, 2022
The lack of an author picture and an “anonymous” byline are neither accidents nor signs of shame. They are meant ...
Success: Establishing the Film Commission20221114132738

Success: Establishing the Film Commission

November 14, 2022
Do you remember Eva Minassian? She is an AVC volunteer who was determined to create a film commission to help promote Armenia...
ABCs of AVC20221007121603


October 7, 2022
The ABCs of AVC: A Poem by Michael Collins Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone, Bringing your best self to the fo...
Emie’s Impactful Volunteering Well Timed20221011072420

Emie’s Impactful Volunteering Well Timed

October 11, 2022
It was August 2021, in peak COVID lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, where I sat in my lounge room in silence. I knew I wanted...
French student does his internship abroad with AVC20220912140129

French student does his internship abroad with AVC

September 12, 2022
Without Armenian roots or knowledge of the language, Adrien Catry journeyed from Lille, France to volunteer with the Armenian...
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