Armenia was a love at first sight20230316110733

Armenia was a love at first sight

Volunteering in Armenia was one of the most inspiring experiences I have ever had. Volunteering after about 20 years of working for a salary is an abs...
Joining us was “ճակատագիր” (fate) for this “ABC of AVC”20230215130414

Joining us was “ճակատագիր” (fate) for this “ABC of AVC”

Why live in Armenia and learn Armenian, if you are not Armenian  Dr. Stacey Vorster is one of AVC’s newest ABCs (Armenian by Choice). Stacey never...
Life lessons and genuine people in Armenia20230116084141

Life lessons and genuine people in Armenia

hayk.kocharyan.1987@gmail.comJanuary 16, 2023, , 0 comments
A warm welcome from Armenians reconciled my language barrier The decision to come to Armenia was on my mind for quite some time. It was going to be my...
Success: Establishing the Film Commission20221114132738

Success: Establishing the Film Commission

taniaNovember 14, 20220 comments
Do you remember Eva Minassian? She is an AVC volunteer who was determined to create a film commission to help promote Armenia as a filming destination...
ABCs of AVC20221007121603


taniaOctober 7, 20220 comments
The ABCs of AVC: A Poem by Michael Collins Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone, Bringing your best self to the fore every day? Can you spe...
Emie’s Impactful Volunteering Well Timed20221011072420

Emie’s Impactful Volunteering Well Timed

taniaOctober 11, 20220 comments
It was August 2021, in peak COVID lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, where I sat in my lounge room in silence. I knew I wanted to go to Armenia again. ...
Exposing Adventurous Travelers to Armenia20220831081609

Exposing Adventurous Travelers to Armenia

taniaAugust 31, 20220 comments
After volunteering as an English teacher in Yerevan, AVC alumnus Ric Gazarian (2004) strongly maintained his connections to his ancestral homeland. Fa...
Days of Mourning after Surmalu Explosion20220819134408

Days of Mourning after Surmalu Explosion

taniaAugust 19, 20220 comments
No time is convenient for tragedy to strike, But Yerevantsis got a chance to see what it looks like. Yerevan’s characteristic peace was shattered; A...
Here is my Armenian story20220731194139

Here is my Armenian story

taniaJuly 31, 20220 comments
My Armenian story started in 2019, when, wanting to travel after long years of work in Law school, law firms, law department, I booked a hiking trip i...
I Thought I Was Just Passing Through…20220720115502

I Thought I Was Just Passing Through…

taniaJuly 20, 20220 comments
I don’t know how other non-Armenian volunteers learned about AVC or how long it took them to commit to the program, but I discovered AVC several yea...
New Start for Olga in Armenia20220629083425

New Start for Olga in Armenia

taniaJune 29, 20220 comments
Olga Kuzamichёva is not Armenian – she is Russian. Along with her husband and three year old son, Sasha, she left Irkutsk for Yerevan on April ...
Dare to Repatriate in your 40s; This is Tsoleen’s Story20220323071624

Dare to Repatriate in your 40s; This is Tsoleen’s Story

taniaMarch 23, 20220 comments
Since her first visit in 1994, Tsoleen Sarian dreamt of moving to Armenia. Twenty-seven years later, she made that dream a reality when she boarded a ...
Christmas Magic for Kids by Ardem Tutunjian20211215102017

Christmas Magic for Kids by Ardem Tutunjian

taniaDecember 15, 20210 comments
Ardem Tutunjian, an AVC alum, finishing his respective volunteering with AVC in 2021 returned to Toronto in September. Two months later he decided to ...
Two Job Offers Set Ground for Sarkis’ Repatriation20211210103339

Two Job Offers Set Ground for Sarkis’ Repatriation

taniaDecember 10, 20210 comments
Sarkis Keshichian, an accomplished psychologist, had one goal in mind when he first came to Armenia from Lebanon in 2019 — to find a job to repatria...
Boosting Biomedical Engineering in Armenia20211130122138

Boosting Biomedical Engineering in Armenia

taniaNovember 30, 20210 comments
“I want to establish my own firm in medical informatics and contribute to the Armenian economy,” stated Ara Yeramian, 39, when applying to the AVC...
Compiling Family Tree Puzzle20211115132134

Compiling Family Tree Puzzle

taniaNovember 15, 20210 comments
Two people of Armenian descent, one born and raised in Canada, the other in Argentina, decide to volunteer in Armenia exactly the same year, the same ...
Eva Minassian: Armenia and the Film Industry20211029133754

Eva Minassian: Armenia and the Film Industry

taniaOctober 29, 20210 comments
Eva Minassian, a costume designer from France, decided to come to Armenia to create bridges between Armenia and the film industry abroad. Working in t...
In your 50s and above? We Need You!20210812113912

In your 50s and above? We Need You!

taniaAugust 12, 20210 comments
Many believe that volunteering should cover the first years of their career path and lead toward the real door of opportunity. In other words, volunte...
Calling Upon Her Heart’s Desire20210809145837

Calling Upon Her Heart’s Desire

taniaAugust 9, 20210 comments
“It’s quite a difficult question, a touching one as well, but the bottom line is it was my heart’s desire, a call to my very soul.&#...
My stay in Gyumri | Stefano Tononi20210601131719

My stay in Gyumri | Stefano Tononi

taniaJune 1, 20210 comments
My stay in Gyumri was wonderful. It was a very enriching experience for me. The Birthright and Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) teams gave me a warm wel...
Making An Impact… With Family!20210525121634

Making An Impact… With Family!

taniaMay 25, 20210 comments
“I would like to come and do Birthright Armenia but my father also wants to be useful in Armenia, is it possible?” Yes, it’s possibl...
AVC Offers Volunteers to Use Their Professional Skills to Assist Armenia20210426134304

AVC Offers Volunteers to Use Their Professional Skills to Assist Armenia

taniaApril 26, 20210 comments
  These experienced professionals came to Armenia with a very specific purpose – to provide psychological support to those affected by the...
Three Countries, Three Backgrounds, One Purpose in Armenia20210324133431

Three Countries, Three Backgrounds, One Purpose in Armenia

taniaMarch 24, 20210 comments
We’re delighted to share with you the stories of three diverse AVC volunteers: Darya Jumel, 29, from France, Vachagan Isanians, ...
Meet Four Professional Corps Volunteers in Armenia20210114124051

Meet Four Professional Corps Volunteers in Armenia

Recently, more and more professionals over age 32 are choosing to join AVC’s Professional Corps, through which they can mutually share work expe...
Artsakh’s Song | Elise Youssoufian20201026120649

Artsakh’s Song | Elise Youssoufian

taniaOctober 26, 20200 comments
By Elise Youssoufian (USA, 2019). (i) In the quiet, between bombs, there is a sound, A hum, My heart still beats. One day, soon, I will return. What i...
Support to Soldiers on the Frontline20201004122737

Support to Soldiers on the Frontline

taniaOctober 4, 20200 comments
On 27 September 2020, Azerbaijan, directly aided by Turkey, launched a massive attack on Artsakh targeting not only military forces but also the civ...
Welcoming “a first” from Zimbabwe | Lucia Mawoko20200925153737

Welcoming “a first” from Zimbabwe | Lucia Mawoko

taniaSeptember 25, 20200 comments
“When I saw Armenia on the map, I became curious to know more about it and what happens there, hence I decided to travel to this country which ...
Exciting News: Travel Updates20200913131222

Exciting News: Travel Updates

taniaSeptember 13, 20200 comments
Exciting news! As of September 12, 2020, Armenia’s air borders have reopened and now not only Armenia citizens but also foreigners can finally t...
Welcome to Armenia… Virtually20200910050837

Welcome to Armenia… Virtually

taniaSeptember 10, 20200 comments
When people choose Armenia as their volunteer destination, out of all the possible locations around the world they can go to gain experience and make ...
Empowering Women & the Next Generation20191125151321

Empowering Women & the Next Generation

hasmikNovember 25, 20190 comments
Are you thinking about bringing your professional skills to Armenia but not quite sure how to do it? AVC participant, Dzovig Harkian, from Lebanon, ...