Community Service or a Conversation Hub?

The sun is beaming. Karine is cutting sunflowers, saying she will do it, “Even though Kazakhstan doesn’t allow to hold two passports, I will get Armenian citizenship.” On the other edge of the garden, Lusine is leaning down and picking up some leaves, “This is called Rehan, Basil,” she says to Wanna from Myanmar. While trimming Marigold flowers, Manvel is getting into a conversation with Ardem, reflecting on the importance of having foreign consultation within government policies.

Do you feel confused about the wide array of topics discussed above? This happens every time our volunteers of various backgrounds and nationalities gather for community service. This time the service was organized with our years-long partner Green Lane NGO, and this time too a simple community service turned into a multi-layer conversation hub. While spending a day in the arms of nature, volunteers bonded, shared their experiences and thoughts, and exchanged advice. In the meantime, they learnt a lot of nuances about harvest, as well as the foods that we use everyday without realizing how much effort and energy they required before shining on our tables and satisfying our hunger. 

Do you know that Marigold flowers heal the soil of poisonous elements? When and how do we need to cut sunflowers? What trees need to be planted next to a pine tree to make it grow even better? Yes, we touched upon numerous questions from politics to nature. We networked, laughed, ate delicious food, and simply enjoyed one of the typical days of AVC life. Join us to shape your own adventure. We are here waiting for you!

By Lusine Minasyan, Armenian Volunteer Corps

Photo Credits: Sipan Mouradian










September 20, 2021