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Dickran Fabricatorian, age 67, was born in Sudan, grew up in Lebanon and has lived in Australia since he was 18.  Dickran, a scientist, has been very active in the Armenian community his entire life, and has visited Armenia once before in 2007.  

Fluent in Armenian, and with a passion for history, Dickran had a dream the last time he was in Armenia that he would somehow return and work in a museum where he could provide English-language support.  Last fall, AVC helped Dickran realize his dream. 

Dickran was able to use some of his accumulated vacation time to volunteer for two months at the Erebuni Museum and Archeological Reserve and the Metsamor Museum and Archeological Reserve, assisting both institutions with editing and writing greatly needed English language texts for their websites, and a variety of visitor information. 

As Dickran reminds us in his blog post, the ad's got it right.  "Just do it."


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