Coop and internship

Internship and Coop opportunities in every sector.  From A to Z.

Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) works with over 1000 placement partners all over Armenia. All the positions are available year-round. The variety of sectors and organizations includes: business, education, environmental sciences, arts and culture, finance, health, governmental and non-governmental agencies and many more.

In addition to placements, AVC provides all logistical support. From airport pick-up to living arrangements with host-families, Armenian language classes, and more.

The AVC experience is unique. You decide your start date as well as the duration of your service, for a term ranging from one month to one year. We match your skills and interests to companies, non-profits and institutions looking for help. AVC accepts applications and participants on a rolling basis throughout the year.

*NB: If you are age 21 to 32 and of Armenian heritage (at least 25% Armenian), contact Birthright Armenia. However if you were born in Armenia, but left after age 12, you may be eligible to volunteer through AVC.

I’m doing work here I would never be able to do back home20191018153105

I’m doing work here I would never be able to do back home

  Global Co-op programs are unparalleled international career opportunities for university students to work on the front...
Why Should You Do Your Internship in Armenia?20190820064741

Why Should You Do Your Internship in Armenia?

Every time I reflect on my time in Armenia, I remember something that makes me realize how lucky I was to have that adventure...
First NEU Global Co-op participant joins AVC20180709084659

First NEU Global Co-op participant joins AVC

AVC has a new partnership with Northeastern University (NEU) and their Global Co-op program. NEU Co-op students can now choos...

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