AVC is still working!  Our entire team has been working remotely and we are here to answer your all questions. Email us anytime:

As soon as the lockdown was declared, AVC quickly moved all programs online. Many of our participants chose to remain in Armenia during this time and they have been working remotely for diverse jobsites and projects, doing research, writing/editing, translations, teaching, conducting seminars and workshops, assisting with Communications, social media marketing, graphic design, and much more.

We are also continuing to receive and process applications and inquiries as before. Applications are valid for one year from approval date, and you do not need to have a specific arrival date in order to apply.

Feel free to email us, inquire, and apply! We would love to hear from you and begin planning your experience with us once your situation allows you to join us.

In the meantime, you can follow us on social media (links in footer below) and read:

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EVN Report provides daily updates in English on COVID-19 related information: