Educational Internships in Armenia

It doesn’t really matter where in Armenia you are, there is an exciting internship waiting for you. From Gyumri and Vanadzor to Yerevan there are many schools or Universities where you can intern. You are sure to meet a lot of cool people along the way from all walks of life. Volunteering in Armenia through AVC is an ideal way of getting to know the country, and the people that live here.

  1. TUMO- With four locations in Armenia TUMO is a remarkable place for the new generation to learn programming, robotics, design, music, and basically anything else you might think of involving tech. The staff at TUMO is full of bright accomplished minds that give applicable guidance with the right tools their students need to succeed. Sam and Sylva Simonian are the founders of TUMO, and the Advisory Board is packed with people like Serj Tankian, the lead singer-songwriter of System of a Down; and Raffi Krikorian who led Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center.


  1. COAF Smart Center- Is located in the beautiful mountains of Vanadzor. The COAF building offers a wonderful contrast between tech and nature. It blends right into the beautiful green hills, working with the flow of nature, not against it. Each room you walk into has something to offer, from the amazing auditorium to the dance studio, each room has its bells and whistles that fit with the subject being studied. COAF is completely funded by donations from people like George Clooney and Leonardo Dicaprio. Volunteering at COAF is a great opportunity for anyone who has experience in the teaching field.


  1. Dasaran- Gets its name from the Armenian word for classroom. They really know how to keep their students’ attention. With the new award-winning Soft-as-a-Service, Dasaran offers their students an online encyclopedia, health corner, e-library, as well as games and contests. This gives students a fun way to access information, do homework, and play educational games. The games later can turn into a competitive contest with other students, where the school rewards the student with the most points. This online program also gives teachers and parents an easy way to track students’ progress.


  1. Ministry of Education and Science focuses on civic engagement, social consciousness and responsibility, as well as youth potential. They look to create conditions for young people to effectively fulfil their potential in education, arts, social activities and economic projects.


  1. AYB Educational Foundation and School- The Ayb programs are a unique combination of the best of Armenian schooling traditions and contemporary learning technologies. AYB is a learning hub that offers classes in science, arts, environment, technology, and sports. The unique architectural solutions of the Ayb Learning Hub are a joint product of Armenian architects and leading specialists from MIT and Harvard University. Ayb grants equal opportunities to all admitted students. The Ayb Educational Foundation raises funds through donations made by individual and corporate donors.


  1. American University of Armenia (AUA)- Aims to be a symbol of excellence, through its world-class academic programs, research centers, student services, and community outreach They work with their students and volunteers to have an input in the sustainable development of Armenia.


  1. Institute of Public Policy (IPP)- is a non-governmental organization established by individual policy researchers and academics with the vision of supporting the democratic development of Armenia. They work with you based on what area of the Public Policy organization you want to work with.


  1. Masis Youth Center- is an organization that helps improve the quality of life in the city with programs that bring local residents together. Programs involve educational, cultural, sporting, social and infrastructure projects. With the help of their volunteer movement they are also promoting recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Masis Youth Center is creating conditions for young people to effectively fulfil their potential in education, arts, social activities and economic projects. The organization offers opportunities for AVC volunteers to help organize programs that educate the new generation of students.


  1. Meline’s Garden- Founded by Taline Kevonian, is an agricultural alternative within Armenia as well as introducing high nutritional content products into the market. AVC volunteers work side by side with Taline giving them a hands on experience and a peek into what it takes to start a business in Armenia. With this experience, AVCers get practice in both the agricultural aspect and the business side. Meline’s Garden is definitely developing the local economy of Armenia through agricultural diversity.


  1. Manana Youth Educational Center is the country’s primary youth media center. They combine education and media to support youth between the ages of 9-25. Students at Manana have a journalism studio where they develop overall creativity, write essays and take interviews; a photojournalism studio is also available where students learn the basics of photography as well as on trips they take outside of the classroom; a filmmaking studio, where students understand the process of creating a film; and the animation studio, where students learn different techniques like graphics, cut-paper, stop-motion, sand, etc.
January 16, 2020