Following His Daughter’s Path Brought Craig to Armenia

Children look up to their parents, but parents also follow their children’s lead sometimes. This is what many of our volunteers do. Since the Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) offers volunteering opportunities in all spheres for all ages 21+, many foreigners choose Armenia as a volunteering destination to travel and explore together with their family members. Today, we bring you the story of Craig Schanz. Craig is here, with his daughter, Deanna Cachoian-Schanz, who volunteered with us twice over a decade ago.

Volunteering in Armenia

Craig is of Polish and German descent, born and raised in Connecticut, USA. He married an Armenian, and this is how he became interested in discovering Armenia. “When I learned that my daughter would be coming to Armenia, and as I have not traveled much, I decided to come with her,” says Craig. He has been volunteering at the American Corner of Yerevan, teaching English and leading open discussions. Craig also loves working with children; “this way, they can teach me some Armenian too!” He is particularly interested in helping people who have been displaced from Artsakh due to the war, which has become one of Armenia’s most urgent needs.

Volunteering with his Daughter

Back in 2007 and 2009, Craig’s daughter Deanna Cachoian-Schanz, came to volunteer in Armenia with a similar objective. She worked with Orran Benevolent Organization, where she worked with children from the most vulnerable families.

AVC continues to offer volunteering opportunities to all those looking forward to having a long-term impact right now, right here in Armenia. Looking for a new volunteering destination to explore with a family member? Come Move Mountains with AVC.


June 11, 2021