Meet Four Professional Corps Volunteers in Armenia

Recently, more and more professionals over age 32 are choosing to join AVC’s Professional Corps, through which they can mutually share work experiences and knowledge with counterparts on the ground in the sectors that interest them the most. In 2020, 75% of AVC’s volunteers came through Professional Corps, and what follows are a few of their stories.

Dorian Tessore, 53, from Italy

Dorian has been in Armenia for six months and is engaged in multiple renewable energy initiatives, one of which is the 3D design of a solar power plant and international procurement.

“I am enjoying my volunteering very much, as I had the chance to visit many construction sites for solar power plants and HVAC building services. This gave me an opportunity to better understand how the industry works here in Armenia so I can contribute. I feel great about this new challenge!” says Dorian.

Armenoohi Sinanian, 50, from Iran

In addition to their professional contributions, many of our volunteers also actively engage in Artsakh-related initiatives. Armenoohi, a teacher of Armenian language and literature, has been handcrafting objects from wood, leather, and other materials, creating unique gifts for the New Year. But she confesses that the most rewarding part of her volunteering is her continuous support to families from Artsakh. “I feel so blessed and satisfied that I can get involved in assisting my people and my country when they need our attention the most,” tells Armenoohi.

Maria Babakhanyan Stone, 34, from Finland

Maria is here from Finland with her husband and daughter. Maria has been involved in multiple projects in Yerevan, Gyumri, and Tsakhkadzor, such as the collection and distribution of donations and helping with aid applications. With a background in astronomy, she has organized space-themed activities for children from displaced families from Artsakh.

“As my own family was displaced several times, I can relate a bit as to how it feels to be uprooted, and I have learned that being together is very important for me. I am thankful I could be here despite the war, COVID, and being a new mother, that I had some time to contribute to rebuild our country and support people’s hopes and outlook for the future.”

Vatche Nercessian, 32, from Lebanon

Vatche volunteered at Project Hope Armenia, a charity organization that provided essential services such as shelter, food, education, and social services to displaced families. Supporting those in need not only makes a positive impact within the local community but, as Vatche confesses, impacts his own personal development. “Volunteering in Armenia in these tough times of war made me realize that we as humans have to be grateful for the life we have and appreciate the fact that we are in a position to help others who are not as fortunate.” Vatche has since been hired by the NGO, and plans to make Armenia his permanent home.

January 14, 2021