Why Armenia? Why not Armenia?20221128115515

Why Armenia? Why not Armenia?

taniaNovember 28, 20220 comments0
“To serve Armenia is to serve civilization” -William Gladstone, Former UK Prime Minister “Why Armenia?” A question often posed to me with a slight note of perplexity. I typically replied with a litany of different answers. Exploring the Caucasus, experi...
AVC with a Disability: How I Did It20221117072329

AVC with a Disability: How I Did It

taniaNovember 17, 20220 comments0
The lack of an author picture and an “anonymous” byline are neither accidents nor signs of shame. They are meant to convey a message: “Disability” has no particular face or name, as it can come in people of all appearances and probably does come in some...
Success: Establishing the Film Commission20221114132738

Success: Establishing the Film Commission

taniaNovember 14, 20220 comments0
Do you remember Eva Minassian? She is an AVC volunteer who was determined to create a film commission to help promote Armenia as a filming destination and provide logistical support for foreign productions when they come in the country  — that includes many services such as...