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Short but meaningful: My story in Armenia20230125111826

Short but meaningful: My story in Armenia

taniaJanuary 25, 20230 comments
I came to Armenia by chance. When I graduated from school, my knowledge of this country was only in books. But when my classm...
Life lessons and genuine people in Armenia20230116084141

Life lessons and genuine people in Armenia

hayk.kocharyan.1987@gmail.comJanuary 16, 20230 comments
A warm welcome from Armenians reconciled my language barrier The decision to come to Armenia was on my mind for quite some ti...
Teaching German in Armenian villages during his retirement20230110134711

Teaching German in Armenian villages during his retirement

taniaJanuary 10, 20230 comments
Age is not an obstacle to volunteering When Hans-Christopher Pocha, a 66-year-old participant from Germany retired from his p...
Why Armenia? Why not Armenia?20221128115515

Why Armenia? Why not Armenia?

taniaNovember 28, 20220 comments
“To serve Armenia is to serve civilization” -William Gladstone, Former UK Prime Minister “Why Armenia?̶...
AVC with a Disability: How I Did It20221117072329

AVC with a Disability: How I Did It

taniaNovember 17, 20220 comments
The lack of an author picture and an “anonymous” byline are neither accidents nor signs of shame. They are meant ...
Success: Establishing the Film Commission20221114132738

Success: Establishing the Film Commission

taniaNovember 14, 20220 comments
Do you remember Eva Minassian? She is an AVC volunteer who was determined to create a film commission to help promote Armenia...
ABCs of AVC20221007121603


taniaOctober 7, 20220 comments
The ABCs of AVC: A Poem by Michael Collins Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone, Bringing your best self to the fo...
Emie’s Impactful Volunteering Well Timed20221011072420

Emie’s Impactful Volunteering Well Timed

taniaOctober 11, 20220 comments
It was August 2021, in peak COVID lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, where I sat in my lounge room in silence. I knew I wanted...
French student does his internship abroad with AVC20220912140129

French student does his internship abroad with AVC

taniaSeptember 12, 20220 comments
Without Armenian roots or knowledge of the language, Adrien Catry journeyed from Lille, France to volunteer with the Armenian...
Exposing Adventurous Travelers to Armenia20220831081609

Exposing Adventurous Travelers to Armenia

taniaAugust 31, 20220 comments
After volunteering as an English teacher in Yerevan, AVC alumnus Ric Gazarian (2004) strongly maintained his connections to h...
Days of Mourning after Surmalu Explosion20220819134408

Days of Mourning after Surmalu Explosion

taniaAugust 19, 20220 comments
No time is convenient for tragedy to strike, But Yerevantsis got a chance to see what it looks like. Yerevan’s characterist...
“I’ll be back” by Chad Bell20220812064510

“I’ll be back” by Chad Bell

taniaAugust 12, 20220 comments
“I’ll be back.” That’s what I said as I gazed out the window towards the beautiful Armenian landscape and Mt. Ararat....
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