Fulfillment. Discovery. Sharing. Adventure.  Whenever the time is right for you, you'll experience all this and so much more with AVC Professional Corps.  From two weeks to one year.

AVC's Professional Corps program is designed for mature, working professionals, over the age of 32, who have a minimum of five years' work experience and a keen desire to share their expertise and make a difference in Armenia.  Professional Corps allows for a minimum stay of two weeks accommodating those with tight vacation schedules, with the option to stay on for up to one year.  Volunteers work in their designated field of expertise for 20 to 25 hours per week, which allows time for in-country exploration, excursions, and socializing during their stay. 

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  • •Archeology
  • •Architecture
  • •Arts & Culture
  • •Business
  • •Community Development
  • •Environmental Sciences
  • •Engineering
  • •Farming
  • •Finance
  • •Healthcare
  • •Human Rights
  • •Law & Public Policy
  • •Media & Journalism
  • •PR & Marketing
  • •Research
  • •Sports
  • •Teaching
  • •Youth Outreach
  • •Zoology

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