1. NGO Eco-Club “Tapan”

Education/Training, Medical/Health

The goal of “Tapan” Eco-club is the unification of potential and financial resources, organizational possibilities of its members and representatives of different social levels in sake of the protection of the nature in Armenia, reservation of biological diversity and reducing of deforestation through educational programs and different events

  • education and outreach
  • research
  • article writing
  • translations (if possible)
  • printing and design of materials


2. Ophthalmologic Center after S.V.Malayan

Mission: Providing eye care services - diagnostics, treatment and surgery of eye diseases

  • Provide information about our Center to mass media, writing articles for mass media or other sources


3. Child Development Foundation

Now the goal of the Child Development Foundation is to contribute to the protection of children’s rights and their families, to promote children’s safe and sound development and inclusion of vulnerable groups into society, to provide professional services through supporting marganlized children and their families, as well as to contribute to the CP National strategy implementation and development.The Foundation actively provides professional services (more than 180 children) to support vulnerable children and their families, works to enrich the methodology by developing various useful resources for parents, children, specialists and educators. Seminars and training are organized for parents and children, as well as the specialists in the field of child protection, education and community development.

Child Development Foundation is in the stage of strategic planning and sustainability plan development. We would like the volunteer to be involved in:

  • Planning and strategy development procedures,
  • Promote fundraising,
  • PR and Marketing activities'
  • Contribute to effective grant writing processes;
  • Promote the social entrepreneurship in the center and new creative ideas in business development.


4. Aram Khachaturian Museum

Aram Khachaturian museum provides information about the composer Aram Khachaturian to the public and cares and transfers to descendants his rich musical heritage, realizes different educational programs, organizes different events and concerts.

  • Develop conversational language ( English ) .
  • Enrich the lexicon


5. Prkutyun Disabled Children and Young People Center

To assist the disabled children and youth, as well as their families, with the solution of social, educational and health care problems - by the means of training, consulting, propaganda, provision of medical services, as well as through mediation and humanitarian aid, by implementing their full integration with the society.

  • Work with children and youth (15-33) with mental health problems, medical education is not necessary, should be active, should take initiatives concerning educational programs, games.
  • Help with fundraising, right now Prkutyun is engaged with finding different options to raise money.
  • Translate different reports and assist children.
  • Organize different activities for children.


6. Human Rights Defender's Office

The office of Human Rights Defender, or Ombudsman, of the Republic of Armenia was created by law in October 2003. The goal of the office is the protection and restoration of human rights and fundamental freedoms. It receives complaints against state and local officials. The Defender does not have the power to consider one either guilty or innocent.

  • Help the International Relations Department with the annual reports to different institutions that RA Ombusdman is obliged to report annualy.
  • Do comparative legal analysis - researching international law and best practice with respect to, for example, the anticipated new draft of the law on disabilities and potentially any draft anti-discrimination law.
  • Help initiate reviews of other laws (existing laws and draft laws).


7. Baker Tilly Armenia

Baker Tilly Armenia provides full spectrum of audit, accounting and consulting services. From standard accounting firm services to highly specialized operations performance and statistical analyzes, we ensure clients leave the office satisfied and ready to face the prosperous future we create for them. The company is a member firm of Baker Tilly International, which operates in over 120 countries.

The company currently has three main departments: 1. Audit, 2. Accounting, and 3. Business Advisory. However, this does not say much because many of the services we offer involve more than one department, which actually happens quite often. In addition, we have legal quasi - department, which foresees the litigation, forensic accounting, and other legal issues.

  • Need people with quite diverse backgrounds, such as economics, finance, accounting, consulting, law, linguist, web designer, manager, etc. Depending on the projects at hand, we may need people with other backgrounds, such as mining, engineering, mathematicians, etc.
  • Volunteers will try to understand the company, its weakness and strength, assist us in project implementation, client presentations, report writing, PR, and perhaps in strategic advising.


8. Caucasus Media Institute
Media/Marketing/PR, Politics/Public Policy/Law, Translating/Writing/Editing, Teaching, Research

The Caucasus Institute is a post-graduate institute and think-tank. The goal of the CI is to encourage pluralistic discourse in the countries of the South Caucasus by contributing to the development of political science and news media in the region.

Think-tank organizes debates, research, consultancy and publications. The debates focus on issues of importance to society. Research fills the gap in information and understanding of the region and its development. Publications, disseminated throughout the Caucasus and former USSR, provide an insight into the problems of our region. Our topics are current issues. We discuss online publication strategies and election coverage, the politics of oil and migration tendencies, cultural cooperation and foreign policy. As a climax, we have our special annual event held every spring, called the Caucasus Conference, where we bring together all sorts of people and agendas to sum up the previous year’s issues and debates in the region. The event is followed by the trademark CI publication, the Caucasus Yearbook.
The tasks of a volunteer can include:

  • research and translation,
  • organization of English language classes for the staff of CI,
  • managing the website/blog (the English version)
  • administrative tasks in the resource center.


9. Urbanlab Yerevan

Urbanlab of Yerevan was established in 2011. It is a unique kind of institute aimed at the democratization of urban planning. Urbanlab Yerevan is a research based design unit which is trying to improve the built environment by ensuring and advocating people’s involvement in decision making process of urban planning and their right to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. It is also aiming its efforts to reevaluate the social role of builders of the environment; urban planners, architects and other professionals.

  • Depending on the ongoing projects, volunteers can be assigned tasks from research to drafting/3D modeling.


10. Orran Benevolent Non-governmental Organization
Community Development, Youth Work

Orran  Charitable organization’s mission is to divert children from the streets and engage them in academic, cultural, and extra-curricular activities; fight the concept of beggar children as the principal breadwinners of their families; help families in “crisis”; assist the lonely and needy elderly; identify and develop children’s interests and talents towards a working career; and prevent the spread of destitution and begging among Armenia’s children and elderly. Since 2000, the number of the beneficiaries keeps increasing. Currently Orran’s centers in Yerevan and Vanadzor take care of 150 children and 60 elders.

  • AVC volunteers can assist Orran staff with the after-school academic program.
  • Volunteers can help with homework assignments and organization of workshops; share their talents in pottery, macrame, and wood carving.


11. Union of Information Technology Enterprises
IT/Computer Training, Education/Training

The mission of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises is to make Armenia an internationally recognized ICT/High Tech leader, by providing focused, value-added services and initiatives, which include valuable networking, industry advocacy, business and educational services.

UIT is open to collaborate with AVC volunteers who can
1. Organize trainings in Robotics Lab
2. Prepare texts and posting on the site
3. Hold trainings in the following areas:
• Project management
• Controller programming
• Electronics
• Programming
• Image Processing
• PCB design
• Work with sensors
• Mechanics and Mechatrinic
• Navigation
• Marketing skills


12. The Acopian Center for the Environment
Environmental Science

Starting from 1992, The Acopian Center for the Environment at the American University of Armenia aims to protect Armenia’s biodiversity and natural resources through research, education and public involvement. Our current projects cover a wide range of subjects from bird and butterfly research to wild plant species conservation and conservation education.

  • AVC volunteers can join the team of the researchers and conduct research in the following areas: Water; Green Urbanism, Birds and Butterflies, Mining Toxic Waste, Environmental Law.
  • Also volunteers can be assigned a research project in line with their education/work background.


13. Young Women Charitable Foundation"Houso Aygi"
Community Development, Youth Work

YWCF was established in 2004 with the aim to help young women between the ages of 17 to 22 living outside of Yerevan to face professional and social challenges. The Foundation welcomes and supports them in the Center Houso Aygi for the length of their studies, from 2 to 4 years according to the chosen field of education. Besides getting professional education, Houso Aygi beneficiaries also participate in some important trainings/seminars and work as interns in different non-governmental organizations. Since its opening Houso Aygi has welcomed 61 young women.

  • AVC volunteers can teach English to the centre's beneficiaries; organize seminars on a wide range of topics - spirit of volunteering, team work, time management; sexual health, etc.


14. Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University

Within ''Education Quality and Relevance'' project of the ''Center for Educational Projects'' PIU under the Ministry of Education and Sciences of RA the Faculty of Biology of Yerevan State University project is implementing a project on establishment of Center of Excellence in Applied Biosciences. The project aims at Establishing multidisciplinary Center of Excellence in Armenia as an effective communication and management network between Research and Educational Institutions and other stakeholders. Project pays special emphasis to the partnerships at national and international levels. The field of research and educational activities of the Center and project are covering Bio-Archaeology, Applied Biology. The Center will be equipped with modern Next generation sequencing Facility, probably it will be Illumina MiSeq machine.

We will start working with ancient material, particularly human and plants remains, and we would like to have a specialist with us who will support us in our works, particularly to work with the new-for-us sequencing machine and perform the results analyses by using bioinformatics tools.

So the volunteer should have an experience in working with Sequencers, particularly with Next generation machines, as well as to have an experience and knowledge in the field of bioinformatics to analyze obtained sequencing results, to be able to works with databases like blast. 


As well as many other opportunities tailored around you!

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