Stop Wasting Your Time And Start A Journalism Internship in Armenia!

Stop Wasting Your Time And Start A Journalism Internship in Armenia!

Journalism is one of the most important professions the world relies on – it is absolutely vital for a healthy society. Our lives revolve around media, which is ultimately the lens that we see the world through. As a result, it is vital for media organizations to be sensible and non-deceptive to guarantee civility for all.

1. EVN Report
First on our list is EVN Report. EVN launched on March 16, 2017, in Yerevan, with the goal of becoming the first reader-supported English-language publication. Recently, they have been writing extensively about the issues impacting lives in Armenia and the Diaspora through thoughtful in-depth articles. Their aim is to take the national conversation to the next level and make their platform a digital town square.
EVN Report also strives to be a window where people can peek inside and see the complexities, hardships, accomplishments, and victories of the Armenian people. If Armenian life, culture, or history is of great interest to you, EVN Report is a fantastic place to get a head-start on your journalism career!

2. Hetq
Hetq is a long-running News organization with its main focus on investigative journalism. What sets them apart from other investigative journalists is that their investigations are conducted by teams, leading to more detailed and in-depth pieces.
Throughout their time in the News world, Hetq and its journalists have won countless prestigious journalism awards at local and international journalism competitions. Hetq is perfect for you if you have an interest in high-level investigate journalism – that’s for sure!

3. CivilNet
CivilNet is a News organization committed to supporting Armenia’s statehood and effort to improve people’s wellbeing. They focus mainly on strengthening the expression of the rights and responsibilities of Armenian citizens.
They continue to further this goal by promoting innovative ideas and creating ways to implement them. You can’t go wrong interning at CivilNet if you want to dive into journalism with a focus on the stability of Armenia and its citizens.

4. Bars Media
With the main focus on documentaries and film production, Bars Media is always looking for people with a passion for and skills relating to this field to join the team! The word “Bars” in Armenian means “clear” which is a perfect representation of their reporting and film-making; they are very clear, succinct, and non-deceptive.
So… if you are into film-making and documentaries, give Bars Media ago, and while you’re at it, make sure to also check out their very nicely made website!

5. Media Initiative Center
Media Initiatives Center has been working in the media domain of Armenia for more than 20 years. They are strong supporters of the freedom of expression and the growth of independent media in Armenia. They tend to get involved in the improvement of media legislation and the protection of journalists’ rights.
With the motto “Information is Power for Change”, you can rest assured you will be making a long-lasting difference in the community interning at this company.
Since 1995, they have maintained the fact that civil society cannot exist without a strong and objective media system. If you want to get useful experience in journalism while making a venerable change in the society, Media Initiative Center is for you.

6. PanArmenian Media
PanArmenian is a leader in the media world and ranks as the largest media union in Armenia. They have united several TV stations, radio stations, and print media while increasing the quality and ratings both to the audience in Armenia and beyond.
If you want to intern at and learn from one the biggest in the business, stick with PanArmenian Media Group – you can’t go wrong.

7. Public Radio of Armenia
Since 1926, the Public Radio of Armenia remains one of the largest broadcasters in the country! Throughout the years, Public Radio has been gathering, recording, broadcasting, and preserving the culture and history of Armenia.
Their programming, which is done through different mediums, covers a wide array of topics relevant to Armenians. That being said, if you want to get an all-encompassing experience with your internship, join forces with Public Radio of Armenia!

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By Eric Biglari

May 10, 2019