My 307 words to describe Armenia | Sandra de Castro

Sandra De Castro volunteered with Armenian Volunteer Corps in 2017. Here is a throwback blog post about her experience in Armenia. She spent about five months in Armenia and came through Service Civique.

Travelling always gives you something different than what you’ve been looking for in the first place. Having the opportunity to try several positions in different working fields is what I’ve really appreciated about volunteering in Armenia.

My Volunteer Placements

I came to Armenia with a Master’s degree in Marketing and the will to volunteer in social media. However, when I arrived in Yerevan I got the opportunity to work as a photojournalist for the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural asset (FPWC); taking advantage of my already existing passion for photography. Finally, during my last months in Armenia I ended up volunteering as a Graphic Designer at Wedzig – a marketplace for wedding products and services targeting Californian market – and this is the job that makes me the happiest today.

Exploring Armenia

Volunteering in Armenia was a great challenge because I didn’t know much about the culture nor the living conditions of the locals and my Armenian language knowledge was basically nonexistent. Taking a step back now I can say this experience has been one of my proudest accomplishments on a personal level because I was able to adapt to an entirely new environment and dedicate myself to understanding a very different culture and language.

Meeting unique people with amazing life stories in Armenia helped me further expand what I believe I can achieve in life. This experience has made me realize what I want my career to look like: outside of my home country to keep cultivating a truly global perspective without being inherently limited and filtered by my surroundings.

I can’t really put in words how amazing discovering Armenia has been to me. I have to admit waking up every morning facing Ararat Mountain didn’t make me miss the trash can area view I used to have from my Parisian apartment even for a second.


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