Short but Meaningful: My Story in Armenia

I came to Armenia by chance. When I graduated from school, my knowledge of this country was only in books. But when my classmates asked me if I wanted to come to Armenia, I always answered, “Why not?”

That is how I started my journey and explored this country. Compared to previous countries I have visited, Armenia’s unique vibe, distinctive location, beautiful nature, and long and mysterious culture impressed me greatly, but I realized I needed more.

Occasionally, I joined AVC to get more of this beautiful country. However, in the end, I got much more than I expected. The helpful staff and fellow, volunteers from all over the world have opened my eyes to Armenia, for which I am grateful.

Photography is my hobby; fortunately, it was also related to my volunteering experience at Botanical Garden.

During my whole stay, I tried to express my emotions and feelings will little snaps I took every time. These photos helped me to discover Armenia from a different light, see unseen, and notice hidden details and attributes which are so small but significant.

I always tell my friends that Armenia feels like a very ‘artistic’ country; everything here has a poetic atmosphere, the architecture, the people, and the nature are exotic to me as a foreigner, and most of the beauty is not widely known. I enjoy exploring and spreading the word about this hidden beauty.

The most stunning part of my journey was a true “local” experience, which I got to know thanks to all the amazing events, and the weekly excursions we had. Without these gatherings, I would have never known how incredible Armenia is, despite all its challenges.

Even though my experience as a volunteer was short, I can definitely and confidently say-if you are looking for a different experience in your life, visit Armenia!

Come and move to the mountains!


Chenzghi Ma volunteered with AVC from October to December 2022. 


January 25, 2023