My stay in Gyumri | Stefano Tononi

My stay in Gyumri was wonderful. It was a very enriching experience for me. The Birthright and Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) teams gave me a warm welcome. They made me feel at home immediately and solved all my problems in an efficient way, always keeping a smile on my face. I thank them wholeheartedly.

Living with a Host Family

My experience in a host family was very positive. Tamara, my host mother has always treated me in a very special way with a lot of love and dedication. I would like to thank her for these 4 wonderful weeks that we shared together.

Social Volunteering

As far as my volunteering is concerned, I had the chance to work in two different places, Armenian Caritas and Nor Luyce. In each place, I was welcomed and treated in the best way. I was able to bring my experience and give them what they expected from me.

In conclusion, I can only say good things about my past experience in Gyumri. I left this beautiful city with a pinch in my heart but my idea of volunteering in Armenia is to change my city of residence and experience new challenges.

June 1, 2021