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Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form

  • Instructions
  • Personal Information
  • Educational Background
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Health Information
  • Essay(s)
  • Attachements
  • Recommendations
  • Additional Information

Dear future AVCer,

We are so excited that you have made the decision to apply to AVC. Please note that completing this application will require time. The average applicant tells us it takes them between one to two hours. Fortunately, you are able to save your application and return to complete it at your convenience.

The application consists of:

  • Two essays:
    • A 300 – 800 personal statement
    • A 300 – 750 word cross-cultural experiences statement (only required if you plan on volunteering for more than four months)
  • A recently updated resume (max size of 5MB in either .doc or .pdf)
  • Two references. You may either send the form directly through the application system to your reference, or download the Word version here. Note that references should be completed by two appropriate individuals not related to you (work or volunteering supervisor, professor, colleague, AVC or Birthright Armenia alumni, etc.). If you email them the word version, they should email it directly to info@avc.am with your name in the subject line.

Essay Prompts: You may want to write your essays prior to starting your application. You may write them in a separate document and then copy/paste them once you begin your online application. The prompts are as follows: 

Personal Statement: Please write a statement (300-800 words) explaining your reasons for wanting to volunteer in Armenia. 1. How are these reasons related to your past experience (living/studying in a foreign country or in the Armenian community in your home town), and how they might fit in with your future goals.  2. Explain what your goals are for this experience, both personal and professional. 3. Comment on what you expect to contribute to Armenia through your service and what you expect to receive.  4. Please provide an example of a significant experience—drawing from school, work, home or abroad—that illustrates your ability to adapt cross-culturally and to overcome difficulties.

Cross-Cultural Experiences: Please write a short statement (300 – 750 words) about any cross-cultural experiences you have had, what challenges you encountered, how you overcame these, any surprising and/or enriching discoveries you made, and how these experiences have impacted you. 

IMPORTANT: (1) Do you need a visa to enter Armenia? Check your requirements here. If you need a letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa to Armenia, please note that AVC does not provide invitation letters.

(2) To be eligible for the Armenian Volunteer Corps you must be at least 21 years of age or turn 21 during your service term (NB: If you are age 21-32 and of Armenian Descent, you should contact Birthright Armenia directly as you may not be eligible for AVC); you must also be able to complete a minimum one month service term (two weeks in the case of all Professional Corps (ages 32+) and Senior Corps volunteers (ages 60+)).

We look forward to receiving your applications. If you have any questions or issues during the application process, please reach out to us via email at info@avc.am or on FB at www.facebook.com/Armenianvolunteer

Thank you!

With love, Սիրով

AVC team

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