Off the beaten path ~ a memorable journey

Mario Bou Rouphael (Beirut, Lebanon, 2016)

It has been around one year since I first contacted Armenian Volunteer Corps in late summer 2015 with my inquiries and it just feels so weird that the journey I have been waiting for so long has come to an end. 

Armenia is exceptionally beautiful, and Armenian people are among the friendliest and most hospitable people I met. When I first began volunteering, I was nervous about meeting new people and being pushed outside of my comfort zone. However, I felt extremely welcomed by all AVC/Birthright staff and volunteers I encountered, and I saw myself slowly adapting and forming friendships; within a day the people you meet become your second family.

The volunteering work I’ve been assigned with “EV Consulting” included macroeconomic research, data analysis and report development. The Center’s activities were mostly focused on studying and advising current and future leaders in public policies and strategies. In each of the different areas, EV staff and other volunteers were very helpful in teaching me how to complete my job. The internship not only taught me a lot about interpreting data and formulating reports, but also strengthened my passion for my major.

“.تجربة رائعة تركت أثراً عميقاً في قلبي واضافت على مسيرتي العملية خبرة ونضج
Volunteering with AVC has been a great opportunity to grow as a person; not only have I matured but also have gained many valuable skills and lessons.  My stay may have been short but it has been truly memorable and rewarding, making me passionate to return to Armenia and to volunteer again.


December 2, 2016