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EventToura, a prominent event organization company based in Armenia, plays a pivotal role in diversifying Armenia’s tourism sector. In addition to organizing large-scale events for other companies, EvenToura creates and develops its own projects, among them Yerevan Wine Days, which had over 35,000 visitors this year. Yerevan Gastro Day, Beard Fest, Yerevan, Music Night Yerevan, Brandy Days.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers typically engage in various tasks aimed at expanding the company’s reach and enhancing its projects. They collaborate with international travel agencies, journalists, bloggers, and influencers, forging new connections and supporting communications and press releases. Moreover, volunteers undertake translation assignments for different materials and assist with administrative tasks related to ongoing projects.


CIVITTA, founded in 2013 as a coalition of consulting firms in the Baltic States, represents a departure from traditional consulting models. Functioning as an international collaborator, Civitta seamlessly integrates digital and advisory services to serve public and private clients spanning from the Nordics to Central Asia. With a network comprising over 30 legal entities across more than 20 countries, Civitta is dedicated to assisting companies and industries in achieving heightened levels of competitiveness and innovation.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Typical tasks include conducting business, industry, and market research, as well as undertaking responsibilities related to document preparation, writing, and translation.


StartDoon is a business incubator for the Armenian community with the sole purpose of providing opportunities for thriving startups in Armenia by means of professional accompaniment and consultation, networking, investment, and coaching. StartDoon seeks first to identify persevering challenges faced by startups, then offer sustainable solutions, while ensuring growth, partnerships, and investment possibilities, effectively creating a bridge between Armenia and France, thereby allowing for the exchange of experience, skills and knowledge.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers support the StartDoon team by directly working with startups, establishing partnerships, managing ongoing projects, and spearheading the creation of new initiatives.


Central Bank of Armenia  is the central bank of Armenia with its headquarters in Yerevan. The CBA is an independent institution responsible for issuing all banknotes and coins in the country, overseeing and regulating the banking sector and keeping the government’s currency reserves. The CBA is also the sole owner of the Armenian Mint. The bank is engaged in policies to promote financial inclusion and is a member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Typical volunteer tasks at the CBA cater to individuals interested in pursuing careers in banking and related fields. Opportunities may involve contributing to areas such as data science, economic development, economics, and finance, providing valuable experience and insight into the workings of a central bank.


Hero House is an entrepreneurship hub in Armenia that arms companies with path-breaking technological advancements and scalable business models by connecting them with seasoned mentors and serial entrepreneurs.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at Hero House often assist the team with one or more of the following: analyzing the company’s customer and product development process, designing and conducting customer interviews, applying the learnings into the product development, developing a social media plan and helping with content strategy, and assisting the founders in pitch deck design to name a few.


Ararat Cognac Factory is a leading brandy company both in Armenia and globally. ARARAT develops brandy production, considering global trends and different taste preferences. The perfect balance of traditions and brand authenticity is ensured by ARARAT’s modern approach to its consumer. Over the decades, ARARAT has become a real symbol of the highest quality, confirmed by numerous international awards and certificates, the most important of which is the recognition of its consumers.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers typically support project management and customer relations. This may involve activities such as conducting country-specific analyses, providing assistance in project management endeavors, offering support for customer relation management, and reporting on logistic supply chain activities.


Ameria stands as a premier financial institution in Armenia, dedicated to enhancing the nation’s quality of life through comprehensive financial solutions. Their mission encompasses various facets of finance, including providing top-tier financial services and business solutions to customers, implementing impactful business and social projects that contribute to societal well-being, fostering a unique and productive corporate culture, and uniting successful individuals to drive positive change. Additionally, Ameria is committed to consistently increasing the value of shares for its stakeholders. For more information, check out the following blog post.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers may be provided with administrative duties, research, and methodical tasks tailored to each department’s focus spanning from marketing, strategy development & research, finance, retail banking, investment banking, human resources to information technology.


BANA is a network of investors, entrepreneurs, and executives from Armenia and abroad, interested in investing in start-ups. In addition to capital, the members bring their expertise, experience and network to influence the success of the startups they invest in.

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  Volunteers may engage in organizing events and activities within the network, collaborate directly with startups, and additionally offer assistance in areas such as business education, marketing, and more.

TCF Armenia

TCF Armenia is building the strongest product development ecosystem, enabling creators to turn their ideas into successful global brands. At the center of that ecosystem is “The Crowdfunding Formula,” an award-winning digital marketing agency that launches million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns. TCF Armenia’s other projects include a software suite of unique marketing tools, a tech-based media company, a learning platform, and unique social platforms allowing engagement with communities of over 100,000 people on a weekly basis.

Typical Volunteer tasks: Most volunteers support TCF’s SMM needs, focusing mostly on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Forums for the organization’s Armenian projects aimed at the global market. 


BSC Business Support Center is a multifaceted organization operating across various domains of business support and development, including strategy, human resource management, regional industrial development, and corporate social responsibility. With a mission to be the preferred partner for providing reliable consulting, training, research, project evaluation services, and innovative solutions, BSC aims to serve businesses, NGOs, international organizations, and communities globally. For more information, follow the provided blog post.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteer tasks may span a range of responsibilities, including supporting marketing and sales activities, developing strategic plans for corporations and organizations, conducting surveys and research, assisting in project management, organizing and delivering trainings, and preparing project reports. Additionally, volunteers may engage in financial analysis and forecasting to contribute to BSC’s comprehensive service offerings.


Impact Hub Yerevan is a professional membership organization dedicated to individuals, enterprises, start-ups, and organizations that are making a positive impact in Armenia and around the world. Its network of changemakers is growing. Part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community center, Impact Hub Yerevan offers its members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration to amplify their impact. For more information on volunteering opportunities and inspiring stories, check out the provided blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Typical volunteer tasks include creating literature and communication materials, developing press releases and media content, supporting outreach, crafting engaging social media posts, and contributing to newsletters and website updates.

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