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The Women’s Resource Center Armenia stands as the first resource center established in Armenia for young women. WRCA is working in the area of women’s rights, human rights, reproductive and sexual rights, sexual violence and women’s role in the conflict resolution and peace building. WRCA’s main goal is to give women the necessary tools and empower them to become active citizens of the Armenian community, through education and support. For further information, you can explore the following blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Typical volunteer tasks at WRCA include teaching English language classes and participating in the “Art and Activism” program, offering an opportunity for volunteers interested in human rights and women’s rights to contribute meaningfully to the organization’s mission. 

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) ARMENIA

The Armenian General Benevolent Union is devoted to upholding the Armenian heritage through cultural, educational, socio-economic, and humanitarian programs. AGBU Armenia specifically focuses its efforts on the preservation and promotion of Armenian identity, with activities concentrated in economic growth, institutional development, culture, and education (albeit in limited capacity).

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Typical volunteer tasks within AGBU Armenia involve assisting the outreach director in various capacities, such as structuring and conducting analysis, developing business plans and models, collecting primary data as needed, coordinating efforts with stakeholders, facilitating workshops and working sessions, effectively communicating both internally and externally within the project’s scope, and supporting ongoing humanitarian projects.


Oknooshoon is an organization that aims to improve the lives of dogs and people in Armenia. The overarching goals of Oknooshoon are to improve the public perception, and in turn the quality of life, of dogs in Armenia, while providing a novel form of therapy for human populations in need.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteer assignments encompass a diverse range of administrative duties. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to: crafting advertising and educational materials, facilitating ongoing correspondence, managing media platforms, providing translation services (particularly for Eastern Armenian speakers), overseeing budgetary matters, coordinating fund disbursement, and actively seeking out funding opportunities. Furthermore, volunteers engage in animal-centric fieldwork and research endeavors, undertaking tasks such as liaising with therapy teams/locations, coordinating with therapy venues, collaborating with veterinarians, maintaining meticulous dog records, and administering necessary medications to our canine companions.

Hubitat NGO

Hubitat NGO has a vision of Armenia that is poverty-free, well-educated, technologically advanced, self-sustained, and ecologically aware. To pursue the aforementioned vision they launched the project Hubitat, a platform that will transform Armenian rural villages into modern self-sustainable communities.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at the NGO have the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of its development initiatives. Volunteers can conduct research on topics relevant to rural development, including market trends, community needs, and best practices in business management and civil engineering. Their work may also entail data collection and data entry. Volunteers with skills in data analysis can analyze collected data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can inform strategic decision-making and program development. The job may also include field work.


Fuller Center for Housing is a non-government charitable organization that supports community development in the Republic of Armenia by assisting in building and renovating simple, decent and affordable homes, as well as advocating the right to decent shelter.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers have the opportunity to actively participate in community development efforts. Here are some tasks volunteers can undertake: building and renovating homes, working alongside local communities to provide safe and adequate housing for families in need; assisting with writing and editing text for various purposes, including newsletters, reports, and promotional materials; documenting construction projects and success stories, thus raising awareness and inspiring others to get involved.


FAR Children’s Support Center provides short-term emergency relief and implements long-term programs for the economic growth and social development for Armenia. The key areas of their operations are child protection, economic development, medical and health support, education and social services. As a burgeoning player in the humanitarian and development field, FAR has spent years bringing humanitarian assistance to those in need. The Center has served nearly 1,000 vulnerable children who sought short-term shelter and rehabilitation and outreach services like social and psychological counseling.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers can conduct various activities such as music therapy classes, art therapy classes, drama classes, song classes, dance classes, English classes, as well as engage in activities like playing games and storytelling to nurture the well-being and development of children. Volunteers with technical skills can contribute by writing newsletters, photographing events and project sites, and translating PR content material between Armenian and English to support FAR’s communications.


Orran Benevolent Organization has helped thousands of families in need, all over Armenia and in Artsakh. Its mission has been to divert children from the streets and engage them in academic, cultural, and extra-curricular activities as well as assist the lonely and needy elderly. The organization works by identifying and developing children’s interests and talents towards a working career and preventing the spread of destitution and begging among Armenia’s children and elderly.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: By volunteering with Orran, participants have the opportunity to contribute to a noble cause and make a meaningful impact on the lives of vulnerable children and elderly individuals in Armenia.Volunteers can support Orran staff by organizing and facilitating English classes, sports activities, and other enrichment programs aimed at fostering the holistic development of children. For inspiring stories about volunteering with Orran, check out these blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2.


WWF Armenia specializes in the conservation of landscape and nature in Armenia. Since 2002 the WWF has been operating in Armenia and became an official branch of the WWF in 2006. Ever since then WWF has been promoting wildlife conservation and has been advocating for preserving Armenia’s magnificent nature.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: By volunteering with WWF Armenia, individuals have the opportunity to contribute to the protection of Armenia’s biodiversity and natural heritage while gaining valuable experience in environmental conservation. Volunteers can contribute by writing articles on environmental issues, conservation projects, and success stories to raise awareness and share valuable insights with the community. Volunteers can also help promote WWF Armenia’s mission and initiatives by managing and promoting its social media creating and sharing impactful content. Those with technical skills can assist in updating and maintaining the organization’s website to ensure that information is current and easily accessible to the public. Volunteers can use their storytelling skills to create compelling narratives about WWF Armenia’s conservation work, capturing the attention and support of a wider audience. Additionally, they can assist in organizing events such as workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to engage the community and raise funds for conservation projects.


Arvestaran creates a safe and enabling environment, where disadvantaged groups and the wider community will build an inclusive and aware society. The Center supports people with autism and other developmental disorders of all ages to develop and advance their living, social, and self-advocacy skills. Arvestaran also works with young adults in especially difficult circumstances. Arvestaran provides the following range of services: consultancy and creative therapy services, such as art, music, dance, and crafts, educational services, such as pre-elementary training and vocational training, capacity building for sector specialists, Advocacy Hub.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Most volunteers help develop curriculum and/or teach English to kids, teens, or youth with different disabilities and developmental disorders. In addition, volunteers help staff organize events and handle some administrative work, including writing emails to possible partners/donors. 


HIKEArmenia strives to develop a wide range of economic, tourism, and cultural sectors in Armenia as a way of promoting rural development across the country. Its priorities include designing a state-of-the-art hiking resource center in downtown Yerevan, creating a one-stop shop for hiking and ecotourism, building upon the pilot release of its mobile app, advocating for further development and investment in quality trail design and necessary hiking infrastructure, and promoting Armenia worldwide as a hiking destination. For more insights into HIKEArmenia’s work and its impact, explore featured blog posts: Getting Back to His Roots with Mother Nature“, “Armenia’s Wide Range of Hiking Destinations“, and “Exposing Adventurous Travelers to Armenia.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at HIKEArmenia play a vital role in the organization’s developmental stages. They engage in a diverse array of tasks, primarily in the field, collaborating with partner organizations such as the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT). Fieldwork responsibilities encompass overseeing and actively participating in the trail-building process, from initial scouting and marking to hands-on construction. Extensive research is integral to this process, involving the identification of existing trails, points of interest, cultural heritage sites, and lodging options. Volunteers also seek strategic partnerships with relevant organizations possessing valuable information or ongoing similar projects. In addition to fieldwork and research efforts, volunteers contribute to HIKEArmenia’s mission of promoting Armenia as a premier hiking destination worldwide. Activities include contributing to the development of an interactive website, touchscreen interfaces for information centers, and enhancing the organization’s mobile application. Volunteers assist in testing prototype platforms, reviewing and generating content, conducting research, monitoring project progress, mapping trails, and engaging in community outreach initiatives. 


The mission of SOURCE Foundation is to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families, to promote their involvement in social life, and to create a prosperous environment for them. In addition, their vision is to promote children’s inclusion in society and the workplace, create needed services, and  ensure an improved quality of life in line with international standards. The organization seeks to raise awareness of and extend support to as many children and families as possible. In 2017, the Source Foundation established a day-care center for children with disabilities in Yerevan committed to development and rehabilitation through therapeutic art, speech, and physical activities.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers are involved in various tasks including fundraising initiatives to support the organization’s programs, communication efforts to raise awareness about the foundation’s work, and assisting in organizational development activities. Moreover, volunteers have the opportunity to directly engage with the children at the development center, providing specialized care, support, and therapy.


Since 2008, KASA has been striving to meet the new needs of Armenian society. Their main focus is on education and training programs (be they face-to-face or remote), promotion of civil society, and overall contribution to the sustainable and harmonious development of the country. KASA is also involved in developing local tourism, allowing for others to see the cultural and human riches of Armenia.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at KASA typically engage in organizing trainings, debates, round table discussions, and workshops aimed at capacity building and knowledge dissemination. Volunteers also contribute to the promotion of intercultural dialogue and international youth cooperation, fostering connections and understanding across borders. Additionally, volunteers assist in the organization of debate clubs and French movie screenings, providing opportunities for cultural enrichment and language learning. They may also offer free French language classes to youth, empowering them with valuable linguistic skills.

For more information about volunteering opportunities with Armenian humanitarian organizations, please visit our blog post: Volunteer with Armenian Humanitarian Organizations.


Blooming Armenia is dedicated to the identification, appreciation, and promotion of natural and cultural assets within Armenian villages, transforming them into tangible opportunities for local residents.

Typical Volunteer TasksBlooming Armenia welcomes volunteers with diverse skill sets to contribute to their mission. Depending on the candidate’s profile, opportunities are available in the following fields: social media and community management (volunteers assist in managing social media platforms and engaging with the community to raise awareness about the organization’s initiatives and promoting local assets), website development and maintenance, crowdfunding campaigns (helping to plan and execute crowdfunding campaigns to secure funding for projects, ensuring the sustainability of their initiatives), video content creation (supporting video production to create engaging video content that highlights the beauty of Armenian villages and showcases impact). Additionally, volunteers will have the opportunity to actively participate in hands-on activities within villages, including cleaning villages, planting trees, flowers, and plants, training local villagers and youth on tree, plant, and flower care techniques


PAWSitive is a NON-KILL animal rescue group that provides medical and relocation assistance to homeless, unwanted, and owner-surrendered animals. The organization has 5 main directives: 1. Reduce the number of homeless and abandoned animals; 2. Provide medical assistance to needy animals; 3. Increase the effectiveness of pet adoption across Armenia; 4. Develop spay/neuter programs; and 5. Give pet-care educational materials.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at PAWSitive Rescue Armenia play a vital role in supporting the organization’s mission. Their tasks may include visiting the shelter to provide hands-on assistance and care to the animals, caring for dogs, ensuring they receive adequate exercise, grooming, and socialization, taking on responsibilities within the shelter, such as cleaning, feeding, and administering medications. Take a glimpse into the impactful journey of an AVC volunteer through this blog.


The mission of ISSD NGO is to facilitate sustainable development within Armenia by executing innovative initiatives in various sectors such as waste management, agriculture, education, entrepreneurship, and gender equality. Annually, the organization coordinates over 20 clean-up campaigns, with a particular emphasis on areas surrounding water bodies, meticulously collecting recyclable materials and delivering them to recycling facilities.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteer roles encompass a diverse range of responsibilities including office administration, research, fieldwork, writing, translation, editing, environmental tasks, graphic design, logistics, photography, project management, and videography. Volunteers are expected to assist the team across various facets such as fundraising, promotional endeavors, engagement of students, and collaboration with stakeholders. Interested individuals are encouraged to explore our blog post.


COAF works to secure a future for children in Armenia’s impoverished rural villages through improved education, health care, community life, and economic conditions. COAF’s programs create and sustain opportunities for growth and progress. The programs employ community-led approaches to reduce rural poverty, particularly among children. Since the inception of its programs in 2004, COAF has funded and implemented education, health, social, and economic development programs serving more than 25,000 people in rural villages of Armenia.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: COAF welcomes volunteers with backgrounds and expertise in any of its main programs to contribute to ongoing projects. Volunteers can make significant contributions in various areas: Healthcare sector volunteers can collaborate with COAF staff to organize and conduct training sessions in rural regions; volunteers proficient in English can lead language classes or facilitate workshops and sports activities like basketball, football, and more, those with photo/video skills can engage with children through photography/videography workshops while also supporting COAF’s marketing efforts, volunteers with backgrounds in economics, business, marketing/branding can participate in the Entrepreneurship Training and Practice program for youth aged 14-18, conducted from May to September. Additionally, professionals can provide training on business development directly to villagers. Individuals with expertise in food, agriculture, and energy sectors can contribute to improving livelihoods in rural Armenia through project coordination, small business operations and management, training, marketing/branding, and sales/customer engagement. For more insights into COAF’s impactful work and volunteer experiences, explore our featured blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, Blog 4.


ATP was founded in 1993 to further Armenia’s economic and social development by mobilizing resources outside the country to fund reforestation. These vital new trees provide food, fuel, wood, environmental benefits, and opportunities for economic growth. ATP’s goal is to assist the Armenian people in using trees to improve their standard of living and protect the local environment. The organization is guided by the need to promote self-sufficiency, aid those with the fewest resources first, and conserve the indigenous ecosystem. Gain deeper insights into volunteer experiences with ATP and other environmental internships in Armenia through the following blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2.

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  In the PR/Communications team, volunteers assist with storytelling about ATP activities by writing articles, editing reports, and creating donor-related documents. Volunteers with experience in film/video production can contribute by producing promotional videos and environmental education materials. Additionally, volunteers support event management activities such as organizing press conferences, press tours, open days, and exhibitions. In the Environmental Educational Department, volunteers can organize and conduct environmental training sessions for children in Educational centers in Karin (Ashtarak) and Margahovit (Lori). This involves identifying the needs of the learning group, conceptualizing the training, implementing it, and evaluating its effectiveness.

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