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Oqni NGO is a non-profit organization based in Armenia, established by a diverse team comprising both local Armenians and members of the Diaspora from the US, Canada, France, UK, and Germany. The organization is dedicated to developing a comprehensive system of next-generation prosthetics with integrated rehabilitation support, manufactured and fitted within Armenia, aiming to restore the capabilities of war victims and other amputees at no cost. Committed to fostering innovation, Oqni strives to position Armenia as a center for cutting-edge 3D-printed, AI-driven prosthetics through collaborative research and development initiatives. 

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers contribute in various capacities. Depending on their level of expertise, some volunteers analyze the organizational structure of Oqni NGO, assess its technological utilization, and understand its overarching goals. Then they can identify operational challenges within the NGO and the local prosthetics industry through surveys and data collection techniques, develop strategies for enhancing NGO performance, and advocate for the adoption of new technologies or methodologies to both internal and external stakeholders. They also oversee the implementation of new technologies and operational systems, conduct workshops, training sessions, and fundraising events, and assist the PR and social media team in marketing and communication efforts, particularly during campaigns. Volunteers with a fundraising background can conduct research to identify potential donors, craft compelling fundraising projects tailored to resonate with prospective donors, reach out to potential donors via various channels, utilize online platforms to facilitate donation drives, organize campaigns and events to solicit donations, maintain comprehensive records of donor information, evaluate the effectiveness of past fundraising initiatives, and ensure compliance with all legal reporting requirements.


Scylla has consciously made training, product design and marketing decisions that ensure that their AI is used in accordance with their mission and ethics which is to empower the private security industry with next-gen AI solutions. With every new product in mind, they strive to make safety more accessible to those who could not afford it otherwise.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers have the opportunity to support the sales team with various tasks related to the sales process. This may include conducting market research to identify potential clients, preparing sales materials and presentations, reaching out to leads via email or phone, and providing support during sales meetings or demonstrations. In addition, they may assist the cybersecurity team with tasks related to developing and maintaining cybersecurity solutions. This may involve conducting research on cybersecurity trends and best practices, analyzing security threats and vulnerabilities, testing software and systems for security flaws, and providing support in implementing security measures.


Illuria is a security automation and orchestration platform for threat detection and incident response using deception technology and threat intelligence. The system empowers security organizations to take automated and/or quick action, in order to increase the speed and agility of incident-response maneuvers. Illuria’s mission is to reduce cyber complexity, shorten time-to-detection, and time-to-response.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at Illuria will primarily work within the research and development team, collaborating closely to explore new features and innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the platform’s capabilities for threat detection and incident response. In addition, volunteers will conduct thorough testing of new solutions and features, providing valuable feedback to ensure their effectiveness and seamless integration into the main product.


ArmBionics develops complete rehabilitation solutions for upper-limb challenged people through cutting edge research in prosthetics and technology to assist them in their integration process into society. Their goal is to revolutionize the field of rehabilitation in Armenia by providing modern, high quality and affordable products developed through in-house R&D solutions, developing 3D printed bionic prosthetics that aim to restore the ability of people who have lost their limbs and improve their quality of life. Check out a mechanical engineer’s volunteering experience in this blog post.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers have the opportunity to engage in various tasks, including programming, content writing, marketing, and facilitating collaboration between engineers and other professionals. Whether it’s performing circuit analysis, signal processing, or designing digital filters in the engineering realm, or developing marketing strategies, executing lead generation programs, and analyzing campaign efficiency in the business sector, there’s something for every volunteer at ArmBionics.


Arloopa Inc. improves the way people consume information and interact with the surrounding world by turning ordinary surfaces into interactive multimedia platforms. They aim to redefine conventional approaches of information delivery, adapting it to the pace of the Gen-Z and the upcoming ones. By providing innovative hands-on tools, they create opportunities to experience art, education and entertainment at a new level of immersion. On the other hand, their aim is to empower talented content creators to monetize and deliver their creations in a completely new dimension, enabling users to experience them in their environment.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers can assist in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies to promote Arloopa’s products and services. This may involve creating social media campaigns, managing online advertising, and analyzing marketing metrics to optimize performance. Volunteers may also work on growth hacking initiatives to scale Arloopa’s user base and increase brand awareness. Those with skills in 3D animation can contribute to creating immersive and interactive content for Arloopa’s platforms.


NI equips engineers and scientists with systems that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. They build on their legacy and leadership in software-connected automated T&M systems, and remain focused on investing in industry leading innovations and delivering differentiated solutions to their customers. Check out the following blog post to get a glimpse of volunteering in the field.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers may assist with engineering projects, such as designing, testing, and troubleshooting hardware and software systems. Volunteers can also help configure hardware systems for specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. Additionally, they can participate in proof of concept initiatives, where they work alongside NI teams to demonstrate the feasibility and potential value of new ideas or solutions.


Armath Engineering Laboratories is an organization addressing the need for a workforce that is skilled in science, technology, engineering, and math, by teaching children as young as 10 how exciting and fun STEM can be. The goals are ambitious: stimulating technological education in Armenia; guiding the professional orientation of students towards innovation and STEM; improving the existing workforce with technical education; encouraging the expansion of the advanced technology sector; and solving a wide range of socio-economic issues linked to national security, economic development, and education.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers with backgrounds in mathematics, engineering, and IT are typically tasked with teaching Armath students. Volunteers proficient in IT and technical skills, including programming languages such as C++/C, C#, Python, Java, Unity, and 3D modeling programs like FreeCAD and 3Ds Max, can impart their knowledge to students in these areas, thereby contributing to the organization’s mission of empowering the next generation in STEM fields. Additionally, volunteers fluent in English can assist in teaching conversational English to students.


PicsArt LLC is the exclusive outsourced development and marketing arm of the world’s #1 photo app for Android – PicsArt Photo Studio. 100% developed and marketed from Armenia, within just 18 months of its launch, PicsArt had taken the mobile photography world by storm. With over 200 million downloads on Android alone, PicsArt is in the top 45 apps of all time on the Android platform. PicsArt recently launched on iOS and is also now available on Kindle. With PicsArt, everyone can become a great artist. Far more than a photo sharing platform, PicsArt is focused on helping its users (PicsArtists) to develop and showcase their creativity in ways that no other photo app can. PicsArt features functionality typically found on professional-grade desktop photo suites, wrapping it all in a simple, easy-to-use package. For more information, check out our blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers work closely with PicsArt’s graphic design team to develop new clipart and images for the app. This role involves creating visually appealing graphics packages that enhance the user experience. Additionally, as PicsArt expands its presence on social media platforms, volunteers with native English language proficiency can edit content developed by the company’s content developers. This role requires strong editing skills and a keen eye for detail to ensure high-quality content.


TUMO  stands as an innovative hub equipped with cutting-edge digital technology and staffed by dedicated educators and media professionals. Offering an unconventional after-school learning environment, TUMO empowers thousands of students aged 12-18 to take control of their own learning journey. Through hands-on activities and engaging workshops, students explore various focus areas such as animation, game development, filmmaking, web development, music, writing, drawing, graphic design, 3D modeling, programming, robotics, motion graphics, photography, and new media. Those interested in tech/educational internship opportunities can check out the following blogs: Blog 1, Blog 2.  

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  Volunteer help organize and lead focus area workshops, provide guidance, and support to students as they explore various fields of interest. Additionally, volunteers can facilitate basketball and football sessions, promoting physical wellness and teamwork among TUMO members. Moreover, they can assist in coordinating educational and tech internships, connecting students with valuable opportunities to gain practical experience and further their learning.


Instigate is a multinational engineering company with hardware and software teams headquartered in Yerevan. The main area of expertise is system-level design of electronic systems, EDA-specific software design, and parallel programming. Their  services range from software design and quality assurance to comprehensive application engineering with an emphasis on audio/video coding and communication. Their Training Center conducts training courses for engineers in project management, production systems, quality management systems, IT infrastructure configuration and management, and SW and HW development tools and technologies. For more information, check out the provided blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteering opportunities at Instigate span across their branches in Yerevan and other locations, offering diverse tasks in marketing, sales, programming, English teaching, and project management, content creation and translations, computer networking.


MIC Armenia supports the local community in the development of new startups that are competitive and successful in the marketplace. They provide services and support to the Armenian IT community and students to turn their ideas into businesses. Their main goals are to help create innovative new products and services; bring those products and services to market; build well-managed, competitive businesses; and develop a qualified workforce and maintain their expertise.

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  Volunteers may assist with daily administrative tasks to ensure smooth operation of the organization, support the planning and execution of various events, assist startups enrolled in the MIC Acceleration program with research, administrative tasks, and technical consulting. Furthermore, they can help in organizing and facilitating discussions, pitches, and presentations for startups and other stakeholders. They can also have input in editing and translating outreach materials into English to enhance communication with international partners, investors, and stakeholders.

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