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Namastay is a community center for self-awareness and self-empowerment through movement, flow, balance, yoga, meditation, and building connections. They have a studio space and a common area to cowork and collaborate, or to relax and hang out. They host travelers and organize ecotours. They educate on the importance of sustainable living by recycling and composting, and they also participate in neighborhood cleanup and beautification projects.


Cilicia Living is a social development NGO started on the foundation of active citizenship, social entrepreneurship, and cultural exchange.They teach and facilitate hands-on project design and management for young passionate minds wanting to work and live in a rural community setting. Through cultural, educational, and entrepreneurial projects, they initiate and support the development of rural communities in Armenia. Cilicia activates youth from all over the globe to do what they love whether it’s music, engineering, teaching, sailing, coding, or business development.


APY is a non-​profit, non-​political organization aiming to support, inspire, and engage young people from Armenia and all over the world to develop their social leadership skills, take civic responsibility, and act as change-makers. Through different projects, initiatives and informal education tools, they ensure that young people develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies to adapt to the modern world.


HIKEArmenia strives to develop a wide range of economic, tourism, and cultural sectors in Armenia as a way of promoting rural development across the country. Its priorities include designing a state-of-the-art hiking resource center in downtown Yerevan, creating a one-stop shop for hiking and ecotourism, building upon the pilot release of its mobile app, advocating for further development and investment in quality trail design and necessary hiking infrastructure, and promoting Armenia worldwide as a hiking destination.


GOALS supports and empowers youth to become leaders through the creation of safe spaces to play soccer, speak their minds, challenge social norms, build confidence, and forge ties with like-minded individuals. Through soccer leagues, after-school clubs, and summer camps, GOALS breaks down existing barriers to girls playing soccer while also creating safe spaces for youth to openly discuss social issues affecting their lives. Using sport for social impact, GOALS hopes to create a new generation of empathetic Armenians.


Masis is a small town in the Ararat Province of Armenia, 9 km southwest of Yerevan. Masis Youth Center is a unique facility set up to develop initiatives from young people in the town and to support existing and new projects. The Center aims to facilitate the all-round development of young people, broadening their horizons, drawing out their talents and abilities, encouraging civic engagement, and creating a culture of volunteering. The Center runs special interest activities related to English language, literature, seminars (on topics including IT, psychology, geography, etc.), and on the arts (such as theater, music, dance, etc.).


Manana is a center for children that runs 4 programs: Photojournalism, Animation, Filmmaking, and Journalism. The center creates literature, works of art, media, radio and television programs, films, and educational games for children. It strives to encourage creative, unprejudiced thinking and to promote professional and civic responsibility among youth while developing an active, free and creative, non-stereotypical way of thinking towards youth journalism.

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