Oqni NGO is an Armenian non-profit NGO founded by an interdisciplinary team of both local Armenians and Diaspora from across the US, Canada, France, UK, and Germany. Their aim is to create a full cycle of next-generation prosthetics with integrated rehabilitation support, produced and fitted in Armenia – as to restore the capabilities of war victims and general amputees exempt of all cost. They are determined to make Armenia a hub of innovation and advance cutting-edge 3D-printed, AI-driven prosthetics via a collaborative R&D platform.


Arvestaran creates a safe and enabling environment, where disadvantaged groups and the wider community will build an inclusive and aware society. The Center supports people with autism and other developmental disorders of all ages to develop and advance their living, social, and self-advocacy skills. Arvestaran also works with young adults in especially difficult circumstances. Arvestaran provides the following range of services: consultancy and creative therapy services, such as art, music, dance, and crafts, educational services, such as pre-elementary training and vocational training, capacity building for sector specialists, Advocacy Hub.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Most volunteers help develop curriculum and/or teach English to kids, teens, or youth with different disabilities and developmental disorders. In addition, volunteers help staff organize events and handle some administrative work, including writing emails to possible partners/donors. 


Matenadaran – the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts is a museum of ancient manuscripts and a scientific research institute. It is a major center with a unique and exceptionally rich manuscript collection, one that has become a symbol of Armenia. Matenadaran is one of the world’s richest manuscript depositories, with a collection of nearly 17,500 manuscripts covering almost all areas of ancient and medieval Armenian Culture and Science: history, geography, grammar, philosophy, law, medicine, mathematics, cosmology, chronology, alchemy, literature, art history, miniature painting, music, literature in translation, etc.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Most volunteers support the Matenadaran with content development/revisions for the website, editing and proofreading of materials, and helping with the exhibitions. Check out two blogs highlighting the work of two former volunteers. Blog 1, Blog 2


Arloopa Inc. improvse the way people consume information and interact with the surrounding world by turning ordinary surfaces into interactive multi-media platforms. They aim to redefine conventional approaches of information delivery, adapting it to the pace of the Gen-Z and the upcoming ones. By providing innovative hands-on tools, they create opportunities to experience art, education and entertainment at a new level of immersion. On the other hand, their aim is to empower talented content creators to monetize and deliver their creations in a completely new dimension, enabling users to experience them in their environment.


The Slavonic is a leading educational institutions in the South Caucasus, implementing a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in more than 70 fields under the joint authority of relevant regulating jurisdiction of Russian Federation and Republic of Armenia. Within the University, there are five institutes: 1. Institute of Economics and Business 2. Institute of Law and Political Sciences 3. Institute of Humanitarian Studies 4. Institute of Advertisement and Media and 5. Institute of Mathematics and Higher Technologies. The Department of International Cooperation supports the international activities of all institutes, departments and centers at RAU.


Green Lane Agricultural Assistance was established in 2004 by a group of agricultural researchers, farmers, students, and agribusiness professionals dedicated to the common goal of agricultural and rural development in Armenia. The organization supports farmer cooperation and development of commercial farming in Armenia, ultimately assisting in the production and marketing of high quality agricultural products via formation of farmer groups, versatile advisory efforts, training, dissemination of information, and establishment of demonstration fields and farms. Green Lane also promotes the establishment and sustainable development of farmer groups in different regions of Armenia, to produce high quality competitive agricultural products.


Order Film Production is a comparatively young film production company established in 2019. It’s main goal is to promote film production in Armenia as well as to implement joint projects with local and international film production companies and TV companies. Their films in feature, documentary, and animation genres are made in accordance with international standards – some of which are ultimately featured in international film festivals. They also realize TV projects, which are mainly cultural and cognitive programs, through which viewers are exposed to spiritual and cultural values.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Most volunteers support Order Film with tasks related to film production, editing videos, and public relations. Depending on a volunteer’s expertise, it is entirely possible that Order Film will customize additional work. Check out this blog featuring the work of a former volunteer.


Path of Law is engaged in conducting, monitoring and research on the situation of human rights, advocating for human rights, developing well-founded and fact-based public policy, removing obstacles to the realization of fundamental rights and freedoms of the residents of the Artsakh Republic, as well as promoting the implementation of international commitments and obligations in the fight against corruption with development of legal culture. In addition, the “Path of Law” NGO provides legal advice on civil and administrative issues to socially vulnerable people. Their current main involvement is with prisoners of the recent war.


AGMI is a non-profit organization based in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. The mission of the Museum-Institute is the academic and scientific study, analysis of the problems as well as exhibition of the textual and visual documentation related to the first Genocide of the 20th century. Their objectives are as follows: to promote the collection, study and presentation of the visual textual materials, including also artifacts, related to the life of the Western Armenians in the Ottoman Empire before and during the Genocide; to develop more effective cooperation and collaboration among organizations worldwide involved in the research of genocide, particularly Armenian Genocide; to create and develop and academic institution on Genocide Studies in the Republic of Armenia; to raise international awareness among the international community on the first Genocide of the 20th century defined initially as crime against humanity; to preserve and honor the Tsisternakaberd memorial complex of Genocide victims and the Tisernakaberd park.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Most volunteers support the Museum-Institute’s research,  content editing, content translation, and proofreading of materials needs. AGMI also customizes tasks depending on each volunteer’s expertise. Check out these three blogs featuring volunteers who worked with the AGMI.  Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3


Frontline Therapists provides sustainable emergency mental health services to soldiers, their families, military personnel, and any others impacted by the recent Artsakh war while on the frontlines.


Wigmore Clinic is a part of Wigmore Medical of the UK․ It makes advanced orthopedic and spinal injury treatments possible for disadvantaged individuals and families in Armenia. Wigmore Clinic provides inpatient and outpatient services to children and adults. The center is equipped with modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment of spine diseases, sports injuries, musculoskeletal trauma and degenerative diseases. Wigmore Clinic’s gait analysis laboratory with floor mounted platforms, digital video recording, 3D kinetics and electromyography analysis is the only one of its kind in the region.


General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA) is a government agency of Armenia under the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies. Its head office is on the property of Zvartnots International Airport in Zvartnots, near Yerevan. Among the tasks of the Committee are the regulation of: 1-overall air transportation; 2-activities of civil and non-military state aviation; 3-services of air transportation; 4-civil and flight security, etc. Apart from it, the GDCA also aims to study and analyze the course, development and prospective trends of air transport policy, as well as develop and implement national aviation security and flight security programs.


ARCS is an authorized member of the International Red Cross Movement. It is the largest and the most competent humanitarian organization, which aims at support the vulnerable social groups, help disaster victims and distribute humanitarian ideas in the society, as well as implement other activities for the benefit of people, provided by law, regardless of nationality, racial, gender, religious and class affiliations and political views.


SonSation is a handmade accessories studio and shop. Its products range from tote bags and home décor to postcards and accessories for family events.


Ginosi is an innovative apartel and hotel operator and hospitality technology company with locations in Europe and the United States. They use their own software and hardware to maximize efficiency for both them and their guests. The very nature of the Ginosi enterprise is built on the concept of diversity. As a global business, they embrace diversity as an integral building-block in their growth and a part of their overall identity. They firmly believe that the distinct abilities, talents, experiences, perspectives and skill-sets of all individuals of various cultures, racial/ethnic backgrounds, religions, economic strata, age, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity are vital to their success.


Namastay is a community center for self-awareness and self-empowerment through movement, flow, balance, yoga, meditation, and building connections. They have a studio space and a common area to cowork and collaborate, or to relax and hang out. They host travelers and organize ecotours. They educate on the importance of sustainable living by recycling and composting, and they also participate in neighborhood cleanup and beautification projects.


Cilicia Living is a social development NGO started on the foundation of active citizenship, social entrepreneurship, and cultural exchange.They teach and facilitate hands-on project design and management for young passionate minds wanting to work and live in a rural community setting. Through cultural, educational, and entrepreneurial projects, they initiate and support the development of rural communities in Armenia. Cilicia activates youth from all over the globe to do what they love whether it’s music, engineering, teaching, sailing, coding, or business development.


Wikimedia is the Armenian branch of the famous Wikimedia Foundation that owns Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, etc. The local branch is mainly focused on fostering free knowledge and the accessibility of Wiki projects in Armenia.


APY is a non-​profit, non-​political organization aiming to support, inspire, and engage young people from Armenia and all over the world to develop their social leadership skills, take civic responsibility, and act as change-makers. Through different projects, initiatives and informal education tools, they ensure that young people develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies to adapt to the modern world.


Aram Khachaturian museum was established in 1978, just after the composer’s death. Apart from regular expositions, the museum is engaged in replenishment of the collection with materials concerning A. Khachaturian’s life and work, in proper presentation of the documentary heritage, its careful research and representation to the public in most appropriate way.


The NIH operates under the supervision of Ministry of Health of Armenia. Its mission is to carry out activities aimed at development of healthcare in Armenia. The key activities of the institute include: 1-Development and implementation of continuing professional education programs. 2-Development of clinical guidelines and manuals. 3-Design and implementation of healthcare related the surveys. 4-Preparation of annual reports on healtcare of Armenia. 5-Delevopment of healthcare policy documents. 6-Acreditation of trainings and seminars for medical personnel. 7-Implementation of trainings on healthcare. 8-Acting as a focal point in tobacco control. 8-Implementation of health related projects in cooperation with international organizations, such as WHO, USAID, etc.


The Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh, continues to be internationally known as a centre of excellence in rehabilitation and providing care for those with physical or mental disabilities. It looks after babies, children and adults who have been disabled from birth as well as patients suffering from war injuries, accidents and illnesses such as strokes, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, child cerebral palsy, ect. The centre boasts a wide range of therapies available, including sports,music, arts and hydrotherapy. In 2007 a Day Care Centre for very young children was established. Through the Day Care Centre children who have disabilities and special needs can be cared for alongside other children.


ACA‘s mission is to inspire hope, transform lives and enhance the quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families in Armenia. They achieve this by: increasing visibility and awareness of Alzheimer’s disease; developing sustainable programs and services; and providing training and education to healthcare professionals and family caregivers.


ONEArmenia is a for-purpose organization that accelerates culture and tech ideas. It is fund raising initiative. Interns with background in videography/photography, graphic designers, preferable with experience and educational background are highly welcomed. Fundraisers, as well as event managers are always useful.


FAST is building an ecosystem of innovation to lead scientists, technologists and innovators in Armenia and beyond to success on the global stage. One of the most pivotal tasks of FAST is to engage tech and scientific communities in raising the profile of Armenia as a hub for technological and scientific discoveries and developments. As a newly established foundation, there is a big need for qualified marketing specialists, as well as multimedia ones to create content for marketing.


UNDPI is the public voice of the UN and the principal source of information about the United Nations system. It promotes global awareness and greater understanding of the work of the UN, using various communication tools such as publications, mass media, website and social media and through different means of outreach.


EVN Report is an independent, non-profit online weekly magazine. It offers a mix of reporting, analysis and commentary on politics, economy, culture, tech and innovation, the arts, as well as compelling narratives, podcasts, and multimedia storytelling.