Arloopa Inc. improves the way people consume information and interact with the surrounding world by turning ordinary surfaces into interactive multimedia platforms. They aim to redefine conventional approaches of information delivery, adapting it to the pace of the Gen-Z and the upcoming ones. By providing innovative hands-on tools, they create opportunities to experience art, education and entertainment at a new level of immersion. On the other hand, their aim is to empower talented content creators to monetize and deliver their creations in a completely new dimension, enabling users to experience them in their environment.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers can assist in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies to promote Arloopa’s products and services. This may involve creating social media campaigns, managing online advertising, and analyzing marketing metrics to optimize performance. Volunteers may also work on growth hacking initiatives to scale Arloopa’s user base and increase brand awareness. Those with skills in 3D animation can contribute to creating immersive and interactive content for Arloopa’s platforms.

January 20, 2023