Armath Engineering Laboratories is an organization addressing the need for a workforce that is skilled in science, technology, engineering, and math, by teaching children as young as 10 how exciting and fun STEM can be. The goals are ambitious: stimulating technological education in Armenia; guiding the professional orientation of students towards innovation and STEM; improving the existing workforce with technical education; encouraging the expansion of the advanced technology sector; and solving a wide range of socio-economic issues linked to national security, economic development, and education.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers with backgrounds in mathematics, engineering, and IT are typically tasked with teaching Armath students. Volunteers proficient in IT and technical skills, including programming languages such as C++/C, C#, Python, Java, Unity, and 3D modeling programs like FreeCAD and 3Ds Max, can impart their knowledge to students in these areas, thereby contributing to the organization’s mission of empowering the next generation in STEM fields. Additionally, volunteers fluent in English can assist in teaching conversational English to students.

May 8, 2020