ArmBionics develops complete rehabilitation solutions for upper-limb challenged people through cutting edge research in prosthetics and technology to assist them in their integration process into society. Their goal is to revolutionize the field of rehabilitation in Armenia by providing modern, high quality and affordable products developed through in-house R&D solutions, developing 3D printed bionic prosthetics that aim to restore the ability of people who have lost their limbs and improve their quality of life. Check out a mechanical engineer’s volunteering experience in this blog post.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers have the opportunity to engage in various tasks, including programming, content writing, marketing, and facilitating collaboration between engineers and other professionals. Whether it’s performing circuit analysis, signal processing, or designing digital filters in the engineering realm, or developing marketing strategies, executing lead generation programs, and analyzing campaign efficiency in the business sector, there’s something for every volunteer at ArmBionics.

February 20, 2024