ATP was founded in 1993 to further Armenia’s economic and social development by mobilizing resources outside the country to fund reforestation. These vital new trees provide food, fuel, wood, environmental benefits, and opportunities for economic growth. ATP’s goal is to assist the Armenian people in using trees to improve their standard of living and protect the local environment. The organization is guided by the need to promote self-sufficiency, aid those with the fewest resources first, and conserve the indigenous ecosystem. Gain deeper insights into volunteer experiences with ATP and other environmental internships in Armenia through the following blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2.

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  In the PR/Communications team, volunteers assist with storytelling about ATP activities by writing articles, editing reports, and creating donor-related documents. Volunteers with experience in film/video production can contribute by producing promotional videos and environmental education materials. Additionally, volunteers support event management activities such as organizing press conferences, press tours, open days, and exhibitions. In the Environmental Educational Department, volunteers can organize and conduct environmental training sessions for children in Educational centers in Karin (Ashtarak) and Margahovit (Lori). This involves identifying the needs of the learning group, conceptualizing the training, implementing it, and evaluating its effectiveness.

July 20, 2018