Armenian Lawyers Association develops a new generation of highly professional lawyers, having a modern outlook and moral values.  It furthermore promotes the establishment of rule of law and formation of legal culture in Armenian society.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers may provide legal advisory services to visitors and beneficiaries of ALA under the supervision of ALA lawyers, ensuring feedback with visitors, and assisting with other necessary duties and activities. They can also take part in ALA Professional Committees (such as Civil Law, Constitutional and International Law, Human Rights, and History of Armenian Law). This may involve studying corresponding fields of law, participating in seminars, conducting seminars, proposing training programs, and carrying out other assigned duties). In addition, they may assist with translating materials for ALA websites, booklets, information leaflets, and other necessary documents, as well as conduct short-term English language training sessions for ALA members in cooperation with the ALA English language specialist. Volunteers can also get involved in building connections with international and foreign organizations to benefit ALA and its divisions, including the Law Students’ Division and regional branches, engage in fundraising efforts among international organizations, the Diaspora, and individuals to secure funds for ALA activities. Furthermore, their tasks may include preparing project proposals, creating databases of Armenian lawyers and law students in the Diaspora and of various Armenian legal organizations.

May 9, 2020