APY is a non-​profit, non-​political organization aiming to support, inspire, and engage young people from Armenia and all over the world to develop their social leadership skills, take civic responsibility, and act as change-makers. Through different projects, initiatives and informal education tools, they ensure that young people develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies to thrive in the modern world. Check out the following blog post highlighting one volunteer’s experience with AVC.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers at APY typically work as members of the Youth and Media Group (YM group), specializing in movie-making on topics such as anti-discrimination, tolerance, gender issues, LGBT issues, and healthy lifestyles. As such, they actively participate in YM group meetings, undertake tasks assigned by the APY board related to media and photography, and even have the opportunity to pursue their own initiatives. Volunteers are encouraged to propose and implement their own video or photo projects with the support of the YM team. 

May 9, 2020