ARCS is an authorized member of the International Red Cross Movement. It is the largest and the most competent humanitarian organization, which aims at support the vulnerable social groups, help disaster victims and distribute humanitarian ideas in the society, as well as implement other activities for the benefit of people, provided by law, regardless of nationality, racial, gender, religious and class affiliations and political views. Check out Emie’s experience with ARCS to get a glimpse into what it is like to volunteer in a humanitarian organization.

Typical Volunteer Tasks:  Typical volunteer tasks at ARCS encompass various roles, including office work/administrative tasks, teaching, and writing/translating/editing. Volunteers assist staff with daily functions and special trainings, organize and implement activities such as Red Cross First Aid seminars, manage youth programs like the Youth Red Cross of Armenia, and participate in campaigns for AIDS/HIV awareness and fostering inter-school friendships. Additionally, volunteers contribute to projects supporting refugee families, conducting English classes, organizing psycho-social events for the elderly and refugees, and facilitating summer tent camps and educational sessions for children. Volunteer needs may vary depending on the ongoing projects.

May 11, 2020