AUA Papazian Library provides teaching, research, and service programs that prepare students to address the needs of Armenia and the surrounding region for sustainable development. With a mission to collect, preserve, and disseminate information and instructional resources, the library supports a range of academic and public service endeavors. Explore Silva Bedian’s journey showcasing that there is no barrier to volunteering with purpose.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Tasks include establishing and nurturing a network of supporters known as the Friends of the Papazian Library, bolstering communication with the Diaspora, and contributing English-language articles to increase visibility and outreach. Moreover, volunteers play a key role in fundraising projects, conducting research, drafting proposals, and seeking grants to enrich library resources, while also forging connections with potential donors domestically and internationally. Additionally, volunteers contribute to educational efforts by organizing advanced English classes for library staff and potentially expanding this program to encompass training sessions for members of the Armenian Library Association.

February 15, 2024