Blooming Armenia is dedicated to the identification, appreciation, and promotion of natural and cultural assets within Armenian villages, transforming them into tangible opportunities for local residents.

Typical Volunteer TasksBlooming Armenia welcomes volunteers with diverse skill sets to contribute to their mission. Depending on the candidate’s profile, opportunities are available in the following fields: social media and community management (volunteers assist in managing social media platforms and engaging with the community to raise awareness about the organization’s initiatives and promoting local assets), website development and maintenance, crowdfunding campaigns (helping to plan and execute crowdfunding campaigns to secure funding for projects, ensuring the sustainability of their initiatives), video content creation (supporting video production to create engaging video content that highlights the beauty of Armenian villages and showcases impact). Additionally, volunteers will have the opportunity to actively participate in hands-on activities within villages, including cleaning villages, planting trees, flowers, and plants, training local villagers and youth on tree, plant, and flower care techniques

May 8, 2020