CRRC is a network of resource, research, and training centers established in the capital cities of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia with the goal of strengthening social science research and public policy analysis in the South Caucasus. Check out the following blog regarding our volunteer’s research experience in Armenia.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers contribute to the development of blog posts on various topics related to social science research, public policy analysis, and regional issues. These posts aim to disseminate knowledge and stimulate discussion within the communities. Volunteers assist in the preparation, review, and editing of various written materials, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and coherence in English-language publications. They also help with organizing and managing events hosted by CRRC, including workshops, seminars, and conferences, as well as support public relations efforts and communication strategies to enhance the organization’s visibility and outreach. During their time at CRRC, volunteers also have the opportunity to conduct research and analysis on specific topics of interest, gathering relevant data and information to support CRRC’s research initiatives and projects.

July 26, 2018