Centro Hispano is an educational & cultural NGO, which was founded in 2003 to present the culture and the language of the “Spanish-speaking world” to Armenia. Through a diverse array of activities, including Spanish language courses catering to beginners and those seeking to enhance their proficiency, as well as organizing parties, concerts, film screenings, festivals, and various cultural events, the center fosters an environment of cultural exchange and appreciation. Check out Mario’s volunteering experience with AVC.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: Volunteers may teach Spanish courses tailored for beginners or intermediate learners, helping students develop their language skills through interactive lessons and activities. They may likewise support the center’s administrative functions by helping with tasks such as managing schedules, organizing events, responding to inquiries from students or community members, and maintaining records. Volunteers can also assist in planning and organizing cultural events, parties, concerts, film screenings, festivals, and other activities aimed at promoting the culture and language of the Spanish-speaking world.

February 15, 2024