COAF works to secure a future for children in Armenia’s impoverished rural villages through improved education, health care, community life, and economic conditions. COAF’s programs create and sustain opportunities for growth and progress. The programs employ community-led approaches to reduce rural poverty, particularly among children. Since the inception of its programs in 2004, COAF has funded and implemented education, health, social, and economic development programs serving more than 25,000 people in rural villages of Armenia.

Typical Volunteer Tasks: COAF welcomes volunteers with backgrounds and expertise in any of its main programs to contribute to ongoing projects. Volunteers can make significant contributions in various areas: Healthcare sector volunteers can collaborate with COAF staff to organize and conduct training sessions in rural regions; volunteers proficient in English can lead language classes or facilitate workshops and sports activities like basketball, football, and more, those with photo/video skills can engage with children through photography/videography workshops while also supporting COAF’s marketing efforts, volunteers with backgrounds in economics, business, marketing/branding can participate in the Entrepreneurship Training and Practice program for youth aged 14-18, conducted from May to September. Additionally, professionals can provide training on business development directly to villagers. Individuals with expertise in food, agriculture, and energy sectors can contribute to improving livelihoods in rural Armenia through project coordination, small business operations and management, training, marketing/branding, and sales/customer engagement. For more insights into COAF’s impactful work and volunteer experiences, explore our featured blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, Blog 4.

July 20, 2018